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6 Tech-Driven Startups that are revamping digital experiences in India


The world is experiencing a transition. The way businesses and consumers carry out day-to-day activities is evolving. Consumers are beginning to demand technology to create seamless experiences from start to end, as we see a shift to a more online world. They want to be able to perform transactions online, access information on demand, and do so in a smart and effective way. Today’s startups are disrupting not only verticals, but also platforms that are reshaping how we think about having an experience.

Here are some innovative startups and digital platforms that will revolutionize the country with their technology in the coming years:

ClanConnect AI – India’s first and only AI-driven smart platform for influencer marketing. It facilitates seamless collaboration between brands and content creators to optimize the value of their branded content. While many of the businesses were struggling during the global pandemic, ClanConnect saw a huge disruption in the Influencer Economy and was born during the lockdown. ClanConnect AI recently did a survey report on Influencer Marketing Industry for 2021. In their research, it was discovered that 60% CMOs have dedicated budgets for influencer marketing in 2021. The startup is seed funded by investors that include several marquee entrepreneurs such as Samrath Bedi, Managing Director of Forest Essentials; Sandeep Aggarwal of; Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder of Haptik; and Haresh Hingorani, Chief Creative Officer of Redchillies VFX.

Vossle– India’s first no-code DIY cloud-based platform to create Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) under a minute. Vossle allows users to experience AR on websites without installing any apps. Vossle’s USP is the core AR and AI engine which is one of the first deep-tech builder SaaS platforms to be developed in India. The platform is led by brothers Prafulla and Pulkit Mathur and finds its strength in code-less services. Since its inception in January 2020, the company has launched three versions that support five types of WebAR experiences including world tracking, image tracking, face detection, WebAR games and WebAR workflows. Vossle is a global product with 300 small and large businesses primarily from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, and India using its services.

Droom– an AI and data science-driven online automobile marketplace, which offers 21st-century experience in buying and selling automobiles in India. As a marketplace, Droom offers Great Selection, Low Prices, Trust, Transparency, and Convenience second to none. Droom has over 2 Mn automobiles to choose from with a listed inventory of $13.5 Bn+ from over 286K pro-sellers and presence in 1,084 cities. Droom has 6.5 Mn+ Facebook followers, making it the largest auto-focused community in India. Droom has built an entire eco-system around used automobiles for the digital economy, including Orange Book Value (used vehicle pricing engine | 460 Mn+ Queries), ECO (1,000+ points vehicle inspection | 152K+ inspections), History (history records for used vehicles | Database of 250 Mn+ vehicles), Discovery (dozens of pre-buying research tools), and Financial Services (Loan & Insurance). Droom also acquired an AR startup Visiolab Ideas to enhance the customer experience in its vehicle buying research. It offers a live virtual tour of vehicles for customers to experience it in 3D.

Zoomcar– The growth of digital technology is making it possible for automobiles to implement autonomous driving and accident prevention, among other features successfully. Zoomcar, India’s leading self-drive mobility platform launched India’s first vehicle model agnostic Driver Score Tech Stack for the passenger car segment. The AI Powered algorithm with machine learning capabilities tracks the mechanical specs of the car being driven, driving style of the customer and identifies critical events of driving and rates it on a scale of 0-100. The scoring system has capabilities to give real time feedback to drivers in the advent of rash driving to help them adjust their behavior accordingly Apart from things like locating the car, knowing the distance traveled and fuel consumed, and providing Key Less Entry to the user, data from IoT also helps do the following by staying behind the screens.

Park+- a Delhi-based start-up and brainchild of Ex-PayTM VP. Park+ wants to change the way middle-class and upper-class Indians park their cars. It provides a suite of solutions around parking and more. With the help of Park+ app, users can discover parking, book their slot as well as other services such as car wash and pay digitally. They also provide RFID-based security solutions to apartments and corporate setups. Currently, they have 300+ sites where their systems are installed. During the second wave, Park+ started facilitating Drive-in vaccination camps across Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Nagpur, and Mumbai. The camps were organized by state health administration and Park+ helped in managing the process on the ground with the help of their existing parking software solutions and Park+ App. People could check the real-time availability of the vaccine doses on the app.

Indiagold– Established in 2020 and based out of Delhi and Gurgaon, indiagold is the brainchild of Nitin Misra and Deepak Abbot. Since its inception, the startup’s steadfast goal has been to enable the monetization of India’s private gold reserves by offering a suite of credit, investment, savings, and consumption products. Indiagold prides itself in building innovative products and technology that solve age-old constraints regarding gold loans and lockers thereby making it more accessible, reliable, and affordable for customers. With its goal to create a new service, the company aims at becoming a market leader via its unique gold locker product.

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