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5 Things You Need for an Employee Break Room

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All retailers want their employees to work hard when serving customers, but eventually, they must take a break. Fortunately, a break room can give them space to decompress and regain the enthusiasm they need to return to work. You can help them by ensuring you have the five things you need for an employee break room.

Comfortable Furniture

A quality break room is a great way to improve the customer’s experience in your retail store. It will keep worker morale up and motivate employees to stay productive and provide good service. Something you will need to keep that morale up is comfortable furniture.

After hours of standing and serving customers, your employees could use the opportunity to rest their legs on comfortable chairs or couches. Consider adding a massage chair to make them feel even more comfortable when they take a breather.

A Coffee Machine

Another thing you need for an employee break room is a coffee machine. A cup of joe will help your employees get a needed boost of energy after working for several hours. It can also help those who are starting an early shift so that they can provide your customers with the friendly service that they deserve.

Drink and Snack Machines

Although you may have stocked your break room with a coffee machine, don’t stop there when it comes to refreshments. Instead, you can feature drink and snack machines that will allow your employees to get a beverage or snack during their break. They’ll be glad they don’t have to wait until they get home to enjoy a quick beverage or treat.

Other Appliances

You can also accommodate your employees and their eating habits by including other appliances, such as a refrigerator and a microwave, so that they can store and warm up their lunches. The refrigerator also provides employees with a convenient option for storing ice cream or a cake if they want to celebrate a worker’s birthday.


Your business can also make the break room a fun place for workers by including games, such as foosball or a ping-pong table. As your employees play and have fun during their break, they will develop strong relationships that can transfer into working as a team on the sales floor.

With these additions, you can make your break room a much more pleasant place for employees. When your workers are happier, they’ll provide much better service to your customers, resulting in more repeat business.

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