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4 Big Dangers of Doing Construction Work

Construction work is a great way to make a living and to work on something that helps society. But some aspects of construction are dangerous.

Working in construction is a double-edged sword. One can make a good living at it and contribute toward building something that can help the community. On the other hand, it’s messy and often dangerous work that risks life and limb. Before entering a career in construction, consider the following four big dangers of doing construction work. This article isn’t meant to discourage anyone from pursuing a job in construction. However, it’s necessary to prepare for various dangers whenever working on-site.

Demolition and Debris

Sometimes demolition is the first step in the construction process. When a crew tears down a building, they put themselves at risk of injury and even death. Beyond rotting and falling debris, old buildings can host an assortment of dangers. Most buildings built before the 1980s contain numerous hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead. Asbestos abatement or remediation could be necessary as well—otherwise workers run the risk of breathing it in and contracting lung cancer. Skin irritation, eye problems, and neurological damage can also occur without proper protection.

Noisy Annoyances

Noise is a constriction site hazard that seems harmless but can do either immediate or lasting damage. Extended periods of construction noise can do lasting damage to workers’ hearing. Noise can also interfere with communication, leading to accidents when coworkers can’t warn one another. Earplugs and similar PPE can protect workers from noise and enhance site safety.

A Feeling of Falling

Falls are a major cause of damage and death on construction sites, and not just on tall buildings. Falls of just a few feet can injure or kill workers. Entering or exiting heavy equipment and navigating scaffolding and ladders are also frequent causes of falls. Wherever there’s a risk of falling, site managers must post warning signs. They must also place guardrails or high-visibility warning tape in areas of greatest danger.

Electrifying Hazards

The last of the four big dangers of doing construction work is the real threat electricity poses in the construction field. Electrocutions are too common on construction sites and can affect anyone using or in the proximity of power lines, outlets, generators, electric tools, and more. Workers need to locate sources of electricity and keep them in mind (and at a distance) while operating tools and heavy equipment. Workers must ground all tools and themselves when dealing with electricity. Additionally, site managers must require workers to wear PPE that can avert death or injury by electrical shocks.

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