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Medprime Technologies launches Micalys, an innovative AI-integrated digital microscopy platform

Medprime Technologies launches Micalys, an innovative AI-integrated digital microscopy platformMumbai,05th July 2024:  Medprime Technologies, a medical device company focused on developing cutting-edge healthcare solutions in diagnostics, today announced the launch of Micalys, first-of-its-kind innovative AI-integrated digital microscopy platform that is set to revolutionize digital pathology in India.

Medprime was founded by four biomedical engineering postgraduates from IIT Bombay in 2014. It is funded by the USAID-supported SAMRIDH fund, managed by IPE Global, as well as BIG and SBIRI grants from BIRAC. Additionally, Medprime benefits from a robust support network, including government entities like Meity and industry associations such as NASSCOM. The company’s growth is further bolstered by partnerships with academic institutions like IIT Bombay, incubators such as SINE and Venture Centre, and support from Social Alpha. Venture capital firms have also recognized Medprime’s potential, with investments from Lavni Ventures, Riso Capital, Mumbai Angels, and Keiretsu Forum.

Medprime is backed and supported by successful Indian and global entities. It has steadfastly been working on developing cutting-edge microscopes, with Micalys being the newest addition to the product portfolio. Micalys, is a multifunctional microscopy platform with its advanced features as mentioned below. The groundbreaking device is set to become an essential tool in diagnostic laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions across the country, proving beneficial for pathologists as well as for patients belonging to every strata of population.

Key features of Micalys include:

1. Whole Slide Imaging: Micalys allows for capturing the entire slide and viewing a complete and detailed representation of the specimen coupled with quick sharing options for streamlined collaboration with users. This is particularly beneficial in histopathology where collaborative efforts of experts are required for accurate detection of cancers. The need for physical transport of samples is eliminated while also providing the facility to create reference sample libraries for future use.

2. Live View with robotic remote control: Micalys provides live view along with the capability to control the stage position, focus and magnification remotely. This ensures smooth, lag free, real time remote control that helps high resolution image transmission for all sample types, that connects to your device from anywhere in the world. This feature enables telepathology, empowering pathologists to perform remote diagnoses even for poorly prepared samples that may not be suitable for whole slide imaging.

3. Manual Microscopy: Micalys provides the features of a traditional digital microscope as well. It allows control of stage movement using a joystick and digital capturing of images and videos. This allows Micalys to be used as a regular microscope for any samples that may need to be simply observed and reported on.

4. AI assisted diagnosis: Future ready to support all AI applications, it helps in the detection of various histological and cytological samples as well as blood smears. The analytical algorithms can assist in tedious and time-consuming analysis, allowing pathologists to focus on samples requiring expertise and helps in reducing human errors.
In addition, Micalys is loaded with features that makes it an exceptional product,

• Upto True 100x Magnification: Imaging at 20x, 40x, and 100x objectives available. As a unique feature, Micalys provides whole slide imaging with 100X oil immersion. This opens up the possibilities of telepathology for detection of parasites, infections and blood abnormalities as well.

• User-friendly interface: The intuitive design and user-friendly interface of Micalys ensure a smooth learning curve, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

• Speed and Resolution: The speed of scanning is comparable or even better than most branded scanners in the market.

• Affordable Pricing: The pricing at which Micalys is being made available is unmatched globally and it is more affordable than any existing single slide WSI system. This will ensure that the latest technology remains accessible to every lab that needs it.

Samrat Singh, Founder and CEO of Medprime Technologies said, “At Medprime, our mission has always been to provide cutting edge health solutions with affordable pricing and with Micalys, we have achieved a breakthrough by integrating cutting-edge AI and digital imaging technologies into a microscope that elevates diagnostic precision, streamlines workflows, and boosts overall productivity. This innovation addresses the critical challenges of accessibility and timeliness in healthcare diagnosis especially in remote India where the bottom 40% of the population are located. Micalys is also addressing the element of affordability for smaller labs, diagnostic centers and hospitals to ensure quality healthcare across the country.”

The reducing number of pathologists globally as well as in the country coupled with increasing numbers of patients and preventive testing has burdened the practising pathologists with heavy work loads. With most experts being concentrated in Tier 1 cities, the need for transportation of samples from rural areas and smaller towns to large cities has grown. This often results in increased turnaround time to receive the reports of even basic tests, leading to delays in treatment and increased cost of recovery. With the use of Micalys in labs, the requirement for a pathologist’s physical presence in the lab for diagnosis is eliminated and a doctor sitting anywhere in the world can report on a case with full confidence. This ensures that patients can get access to experts irrespective of their geographic location.

Micalys has immense potential for malaria, filaria and TB screening in resource limited areas. ML based analysis algorithms can be used to assist in the diagnosis of these infections in the absence of trained technicians, thus addressing a critical gap in the current diagnostic landscape. Digital images/videos of the sample can be captured and saved along with patient data for the purpose of maintaining records, directly on the phone or tablet and server. This can give senior officials quick access to data on disease prevalence in various geographical areas and take appropriate action. This eliminates the delay in diagnosis and possible degradation of the sample during transit.

This groundbreaking device with the integration of Artificial Intelligence will empower pathologists to diagnose a range of conditions with greater precision, including filariasis, tuberculosis, and cancer in the future.

Medprime’s dedication to continuous innovation is further exemplified by its robust intellectual property portfolio. The company has filed three patent applications with the Government of India, all of which have already been granted, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the field of digital microscopy and AI-driven diagnostics.

Micalys builds upon Medprime Technologies’ growing footprint in digital microscopy, with existing devices already being utilized by prestigious medical colleges and research institutions across India. Renowned institutes such as the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Maulana Azad Medical College, Grant Medical College, Banaras Hindu University, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, Dr Lal Path Labs, Apollo Diagnostics and Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University have embraced Medprime’s cutting-edge digital microscopes, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.

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