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Lg Unveils Stylish New Microwave Ovens With Innovative Scan To Cook Technology


New Delhi, India, June 28, 2024 – LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durable brand, today unveiled the new range of 2024 Microwave Ovens featuring cutting-edge technology with stylish designs. Combining the latest advancements with sleek aesthetics, this new lineup promises to redefine the kitchen experience for Indian consumers with its focus on Convenience, Health, and Taste.

LG is launching a total of 9 new microwave oven models, including 7 from the Scan to Cook series and 2 from the premium Objet series. Under the Objet series, the 28L model is already launched, and the 32L model will be launched soon. All 9 models feature ThinQ connectivity for seamless operation and are aesthetically designed to complement modern home spaces.

The Objet series exudes sophistication with a sleek beige color and matte finish, seamlessly blending into modern kitchen decor. These models come in a 28L variant, with the 32L variant still to be launched, offering modular solutions for varying kitchen spaces.

The Scan to Cook lineup adorns stunning designs like floral, wave, regal, and glossy black finish patterns, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences while promising convenience, healthier cooking options, and the innovative Scan to Cook feature. Both the Scan to Cook and Objet series incorporate advanced features like retractive and unibody designs, aesthetically pleasing exteriors designed to complement home spaces and ThinQ connectivity. These microwaves are designed to cater to a wide range of culinary preferences, making them perfect for both Indian and global menus, with their ability to handle diverse cooking styles and recipes effortlessly.

Commenting on the launch, Youngmin Hwang, Director of Home Appliances & Air Conditioner – LG Electronics India said, “At LG, we are dedicated to delivering the perfect blend of style, technology, and sustainability. The extension of our latest Wi-Fi Enabled LG Scan to Cook Microwave Ovens and Objet series embodies this commitment by combining cutting-edge cooking innovations with sophisticated designs. These models make cooking easier and healthier while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen. We are excited to offer these versatile and stylish appliances that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our customers in India.”

According to a third-party survey, LG Electronics continues to lead the Microwave Oven category with a commanding market share. Furthermore, the brand has been named India’s Most Trusted Brand in this segment, solidifying its pioneering status and commitment to excellence in the consumer electronics space.

Key Features and Benefits for 28L variant:

The LG 28L Scan to Cook Wi-Fi Charcoal Microwave Oven is a perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and style. This microwave oven features a robust 301 Auto Cook Menu and supports 31 ITC frozen and ready-to-eat meals, simplifying the cooking experience. The side swing door and stainless-steel cavity ensure durability and ease of use, while the attractive design complements any kitchen décor. Equipped with a Pasteurize Milk Kit and Multi-cook Tawa, this model prioritizes your health and cooking versatility. The Charcoal Lighting Heater, backed by a 10-year warranty, delivers perfect grilling and charred flavors.

The 28L model is available in five different styles, including beige & black color, and wave & regal patterns, to suit diverse kitchen styles and needs. *Feature may vary from model to model.

Key Features and Benefits for 32L variant:

The LG 32L Scan to Cook Wi-Fi Charcoal Microwave Oven is a cutting-edge kitchen companion that seamlessly combines technology, convenience, and elegance. Featuring an extensive 401 Auto Cook Menu and support for 31 ITC frozen and ready-to-eat meals, this microwave oven makes meal preparation a breeze. The pull-down door and stainless-steel cavity enhance both functionality and durability, while its attractive design adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. With the included Steam Chef and Multi-cook Tawa, customers can explore a variety of cooking methods with ease.

The 32L model also comes in five different styles, including black, floral red, wave, and regal pattern, offering versatility and style for every kitchen.

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