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Making India The Spiritual Capital Of The World: Rev. Daaji Shares His Vision India 2047 On Civil Services Day

Hyderabad, April 2023: Heartfulness Institute saw a special participation at the annual Civil Services Day celebrations at the IAS Institute, Begumpet as Rev. Daaji – Spiritual Guide of Heartfulness and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and Padma Bhushan awardee gave a soul-stirring and thought-provoking talk on his vision of India until 2047. Rev. Daaji’s vision of India over the next twenty-five years is aimed at bringing transformation in spiritual energies of people and evolution of collective consciousness reflecting the same in the larger progress of the country. The event was attended by Mrs. Santi Kumari – The Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana; Ms. Rani Kumudini IAS, President, IAS Officers Association; Mr. R K Dobrial, IFoS, PCCF; Mr. Anjani Kumar IPS, DGP, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan IAS; Government of Telangana and All-India Service Officers of Telangana cadre, Officers from the Central Civil Services and other retired civil servants across the services. The event was held at Telangana State IAS Officers Institute, Begumpet, Hyderabad. The District Collectors joined the event remotely through the podcast.

Rev. Daaji – Spiritual Guide of Heartfulness and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission said, “Civil service is not only the backbone, but also the heart of this country. Working together is a big progress, but staying together through the work is a big leap. Let there be no push and pull among the officers. I would like to see that the civil servants of India are recognized with honour and recognize their work. For that we need to have a foresight. At the pinnacle of material growth, we also sacrifice morality and ethics and foundation of our life. To move from being human to humane then to divine is evolution. In order to see the future we have to contemplate and revisit the mistakes we have made so far – how to correct them – and are we willing to correct them. Nature always waits for individuals to transcending the consciousness and mind.

In love you take advantage of others for your pleasure, in divine you sacrifice yourself for the joy of others. How to make time more efficient is the game we play in spirituality. Spirituality gives us the discriminating ability – or viveka. Building of trust is important. How we communicate with each other -with respect, honour and understanding is important. Listen with empathy.

Scottish philosopher James Allen had said that when what you planned is in your favour you are happy. But how did it become favourable? The intentions were playing out in the heart – it is a chain reaction – if the intentions are good you will take actions accordioningly and results will speak accordingly. Else it produces guilt. Inaction of consciousness can be painful. We don’t understand the fruit of inactions. They can be more dangerous than the karma itself. We must become proactive officers – become productive in a wiser way, become effective in a wiser way. Proactive within our own selves.

Just as a gardener knows how to plant, where to plant, when to plant, similarly meditation and spiritual processes help us arrange our thoughts and put them into action. Meditation is like vaccination before a problem arises, meditation deflects what is not to be done. Please contemplate your actions and intentions and see how we can serve our country in a better way. We are entering into a more complex lifestyle, as there are more complexities that arise, it creates more problems. Any change makes us unsettled.”

Mrs. Santi Kumari – The Chief Secretary, Govt. of Telangana said, “I am very happy to meet on a befitting occasion. As times are becoming challenging, it’s more important that we need to learn to survive without losing our sanity and integrity. We are fortunate to have Rev. Daaji amongst us today on this special occasion and share with us his deep insights on what to anticipate and how we can mould the future of this country in the next two to three decades. As he said, there is a strong need for collective evolution of consciousness to make the world a better place and predominantly make India the spiritual capital of the world in leading the world towards light and common good.”

The session also had a group Heartfulness meditation led by Rev. Daaji. This was followed by a Q&A session and give-away of The Wisdom Bridge – Rev. Daaji’s latest bestselling book on raising happier and resilient families in modern times.

Rev. Daaji was also recently invited as a special guest at the G20 forum in Hyderabad wherein he spoke about freeing ourselves of ‘Thought-pollution’ as the 18th Sustainable Development Goal. The talk was attended by dignitaries from around the world at the G20 forum.

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