KIIT World School marks 74th Republic Day

KIIT World School marks 74th Republic Day

KIIT World School celebrated the 74th Republic Day of India with great patriotic passion and fervour. To commemorate our country’s independence, the Principal of KIIT World School, Neelima Kamrah released tri-coloured helium balloons in the air and had a flag hosted the flag. Through their performances, the students took pleasure in honouring and celebrating the spirit of unity.

Throughout the week, Pre-School and Pre-Primary kids actively participated in numerous creative activities such as -Kitchenette Activity where they constructed a tricolour flag using different fruits and made lovely tricolour wristbands. The children came dressed as various freedom fighters for the role-playing game to honour the freedom fighters who gave their lives for the homeland. They were shown instructional videos that emphasised the significance of the Drafting Committee, which was chaired by Dr B.R. Ambedkar. Students from the Middle and Senior Departments presented videos illustrating the history and significance of Republic Day, which was followed by a motivational address emphasising citizens’ obligations and rights.

Neelima Kamrah, Principal of KIIT World School in his address emphasised the significance of the day and reminded the youngsters that the future of their country is in their hands. As a result, students must study hard now and instil excellent ideals in their lives in order to be decent citizens of the country.

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