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MedLern and SPARSH Hospital Collaborate to Elevate Training Innovation

New Delhi, 24th June 2024: MedLern, the only full-stack healthcare training solution for hospitals and healthcare professionals, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with SPARSH Group of Hospitals, a prestigious group of healthcare institutions committed to delivering quality healthcare services. This partnership aims to improve healthcare training, optimize operations, and enhance patient care outcomes by leveraging the power of digital solutions.

This collaboration will focus on streamlining training requirements, providing dependable and current learning resources, and simplifying training processes across various departments and employee roles, harnessing global and local expertise in content, trainers and tools.

The partnership will work towards enhancing quality healthcare and operations through services such as content management, competency assessment, employee engagement and measuring the impact of training, all aligned with the latest compliance norms required by NABH. The collaboration will also explore standardizing content and amplifying the impact of training across various modes.

MedLern will assist the hospital in maximizing ROI from its human resources by tracking completion, coverage, compliance, and impact through systematic training implementation. This approach will ensure consistency, enhanced control and substantial cost savings in measuring and reporting impact to leadership.

MedLern’s solutions not only enhance people investments but also bolster recruiting, scheduling, retention, and overall performance for hospitals, thus improving turnaround time, SOP compliance, cost reduction and service excellence. MedLern is committed to assisting SPARSH Group of Hospitals in achieving success through strategic planning, continuous progress, implementing best practices and long-term certification plans.

Mr Deepak Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, MedLern said, “We’re excited to collaborate with SPARSH Group of Hospitals by aiding in the training requirements of its healthcare workforce. Our focus is on improving care outcomes by equipping staff with advanced skills. Our full-stack approach, backed by automated tools, anticipates impactful results within 60-90 days, reducing training time and costs. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with our dedication to delivering better care and business value. Having successfully trained over 100,000 healthcare professionals, our structured approach aims to address gaps in quality and service excellence, maximizing impact at the point of care for patients and the community.”

Ms. Rekha Attavar, Group Chief People Officer, SPARSH Group of Hospitals, said “At SPARSH, we have always worked towards providing platforms that enable our employees to continually evolve and grow, through continuous Learning. One such platform is Medlern. We believe that this partnership will bolster our efforts in training staff for enhancing better Patient Care.”

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