Doctors succeed in giving life to 17-day-old baby with sepsis due to corona

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MUMBAI: The Corona epidemic has not abated, though it has subsided. Pregnant women , senior citizens as well as citizens with rare diseases are required to follow precautions like using masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing. In March, Preeti Bagade, a resident of Mulund, gave birth to a baby boy. The baby and the mother were in good health and were released home after 4 days. The couple did not take proper care of themselves and the baby because of the Corona epidemic, so the baby became infected with the Covid -19 on the 17th day after birth, but they thought it was a slight cold so little was ignored. After two days, the baby’s health deteriorated and he was admitted to Apex Hospital in Mulund. The baby was treated under the supervision of Pediatrician and Neonatologist Kaustubh Shah in Apex Hospital.

Giving more information about this, Neonatologist Dr. Kaustubh Shah from Apex Hospital, Mulund says, “The baby was in critical condition when he was admitted to Apex Hospital, Mulund. The baby’s lungs were infected and he was having difficulty breathing. We rehabilitated the baby in 48 hours, thanks to the advanced treatment for infants available at Apex Hospital. The baby was given life with the right amount of ventilation, nebulization as well as the estimated covid-19 antibodies. Newborns with low immunity are at risk of infection. Corona infection is very rare in newborns. This newborn has overcome the corona after 6 days of successful treatment, the baby was handed over to his mother by the doctor. If a child is having acute difficulty breathing, is not acting themselves, is lethargic, appears dehydrated then a parent should seek immediate attention by pediatrician “

So far, many children between the ages of zero and 28 have tested positive in the world. There is a need to reserve separate wards for children in government and private hospitals as children are said to be at risk in the next wave.

How to take care of a newborn baby: –

Don’t rush to see newborns in the hospital or at home.

When it comes home, newborns should not be touched by anyone other than certain relationships.

Your hands need to be clean before touching the baby.

The baby should be wiped clean 2-3 times a day.

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