ZEE celebrates Mother’s Day with a heart-warming campaign -#MyFirstStoryteller

ZEE celebrates Mother’s Day with a heart-warming campaign -#MyFirstStorytellerMumbai, 15th, May 2023: On Mother’s Day, there are a few campaigns that stood out on the back of incisive insight and sheer simplicity in their approach of landing the message in an evocative manner. One such creative that speaks straight to the soul is that of ZEE, who by virtue of having first introduced satellite television in India and opened up a whole new spectrum of storytelling for every Indian home,  is a leading storyteller of our country. ZEE’s unique campaign beautifully captures the often unacknowledged role of a mother as every child’s first storyteller!

ZEE’s #MyFirstStoryteller campaign is a touching tribute that shines a spotlight on this pivotal role countless mothers play in getting their child to experience their first range of emotions through storytelling. Check out the campaign film at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMaWV4wbYwk

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Kartik Mahadev, Chief Marketing Officer, Content SBU – ZEE said, “This campaign celebrates the storytellers that our mothers are, an innate quality that is essential nature to the role that mothers play in shaping lives and cultures. As the storyteller of many Bharats, we believe that mothers in their role as primary caregivers, set their children off on a trail of discovering life by sparking their curiosity. It is, after all, our mother’s very first stories that lay the foundation of our core value system, shape us, and in turn shape society.”

Reacting to the film, influential personalities like fashion designer Masaba Gupta and Marathi television and theatre actor Sakhee Gokhale have shared personal anecdotes about their first storyteller, their respective mothers –  actors Neena Gupta and Shubhangi Gokhale, where they talk about how their mother’s initial stories have built their core value systems and stayed with them even today!

Several other TV personalities including Shraddha Arya, Krishna Kaul, Ashi Singh, Karanvir Sharma, Mohit Malhotra, Abhishek Malik, Varun Kasturia, Aman Gandhi, Anisha Hinduja, Dhwani Gorii, Anushka Merchande, Rose Sardana, Munira Kudrati have shared the endearing film on their social feeds with special messages for their own mothers and mothers at large.

The tonality of the campaign is in beautiful sync with the category of broadcast entertainment that ZEE belongs to as it showcases the power of the medium in bringing families together and creating in-home shared moments and bonds of trust between a mother and her child through storytelling.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, ZEE’s commitment to entertaining audiences in India through storytelling and promoting core values of Indian society has consistently reflected in the content portfolio offered by the network. The campaign film has been released and promoted across the ZEE network as well as the social media pages of the company across platforms. The campaign’s positive reception is a testament to ZEE’s understanding of the Indian audiences and culture as well as the company’s constant endeavour of entertaining families with the power of storytelling.

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