I think people in 90s were very fearless” says Hetal Gada while talking about reliving the 90s through Amazon miniTV’s Yeh Meri Family

Hetal Gada

Hetal Gada

Mumbai, 31 May 2023: The new season of Yeh Meri Family released on Amazon miniTV is garnering the love and praises of the viewers, touching the right chords it received a fabulous rating of 9 on IMDB. Taking them down memory lane, the series captures the 90s golden era and relives the winters of Lucknow with Moongfali, Gajak, Vespa scooter, telephone, and quality family time. The five-episode series is centered around the Awasthi Family from Ritika’s perspective featuring Juhi Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, Hetal Gada, Veena Mehta, and Anngad Raaj. Hetal Gada candidly spoke about her experience of living in the 90s era in today’s time and her thoughts on the script of the show.

Hetal shared her experience of giving the audition and reading the script. She said, “My reaction when I heard the script was a smile on my face. I think that’s how I would like to tell the reaction because when I auditioned for it and when they gave me a little brief about the character and the show I was definitely excited. And you know I just went for the audition and the audition went really well. I was hoping that ye kaam mil jana chahiye and ye kaam acche se hona chahiye.”

Thrilled to be a part of the series, she further added, “I think this would be my first reaction because I had gotten all the five episodes and I started reading it and I remember I started reading it post dinner. So I planned I will have my dinner then I will sit and I will read all the episodes and I was expecting ki mai jitna ho sakta hai raat ko padhti hu otherwise mai kal subah padh lungi. But I couldn’t stop reading and I read it till 4 or 5 in the morning and throughout the night my mother was wondering why is she on her phone throughout the night. And I told her that I am not using any social media, I am not on Instagram nor on WhatsApp and I am in fact reading the script of something that I am gonna do and the script was so amazing. It was written so well and the show has such 90s sort of humor to it that I couldn’t stop reading. And it gave me a huge smile when I finished all the five episodes and I was too excited to start shooting it.”

Describing the 90s era and her experience of reliving the era through the Yeh Meri Family, Hetal shared how she feels that the golden era was beautiful and not complex. “So fortunately I was able to live and experience the 90s through Yeh Meri Family in 2023, so firstly I am extremely grateful for that. Secondly, I would like to describe the 90s as very easy, very light, not complicated, and not chaotic and everything felt very pure in that era. Because everything you do is such a big thing, you know aapke paas koi gadgets nahi the, aapke paas aisi koi technology nahi thi to usually jaise aaj agar hum 5 minutes bhi phone use nahi karte to kehte hai ki mai to bore ho gai. Us vakt ye sab kuch tha hi nahi to bore hone ja savaal hi nahi hota tha. Everything was fun and I think people in the 90s were very fearless as compared to the time we are living in right now. So I think 90s was very easy and 90s was beautiful, it was magical and I loved to have the experience of 90s through Yeh Meri Family” Hetal said.

It’s time to live life to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment with Yeh Meri Family. Created by The Viral Fever, the series is currently available on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV for absolutely free.

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