Gul Panag shares why she signed for Amazon miniTV’s The Haunting

Gul Panag shares why she signed for Amazon miniTV’s The HauntingMumbai, 12 May 2023: The recently released spine-chilling horror thriller short film ‘The Haunting’ which is currently premiering on Amazon miniTV, for free is making all the right noises with audiences loving the engaging storyline and powerful performances. Written, directed, and produced by Tanveer Bookwala, the horror film features Erica Fernandes in the lead role alongside Prakruti Mishra and Gul Panag in pivotal roles. The narrative revolves around a girl who has been haunted by a ghost ever since her sister died, completely transforming her life wherein she is left confused and puzzled with her own company.

This story is inspired by true events, which the director Tanveer Bookwala has impactfully portrayed on screen, retaining the horror aspect. While Erica Fernandes and Prakruti Mishra are seen in challenging roles, Gul Panag, who is seen playing a psychiatrist in the horror short film shares her story on how she signed up for the short film, she said, “I have known Tanveer for a very long time and I think he is extremely talented. With a very clear and a very unique vision. So when he reached out to me and offered me this part, I immediately wanted to do it because I think Tanveer will make an excellent film.

“In fact, I said yes to the film before he even sent me the script. Thereafter I still said yes without reading the script because I have a lot of faith in Tanveer. He is very special to me” the actor added.

The Ding Infinity-produced thriller short film directed by Tanveer chills you to the bone with its jump scares. The horror-thriller short movie is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV for free, accessible with a click-of-a-button on Amazon’s shopping app, Fire TV, and desktop.

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