104.8 Ishq FM’s celebrity chat show ‘Ishq with Nusrat- Bhalobashaye Bold ‘releases a firecracker of a second episode featuring the inimitable Madan Mitra

Madan Mitra

Madan da reveals his secret behind his ‘mantra’ – ‘Oh Lovely’ which has become a social media hit

Madan Da reveals his romantic and soft side in this candid chat with Nusrat Jahan

Kolkata, 2 December 2021: The second episode of 104.8 Ishq FM’s show Ishq with Nusrat – Bhalobashaye Bold, features the ‘colourful’ Madan Mitra in an uncut and fun chat with host Nusrat Jahan.

Madan Mitra shares his thoughts about the importance of being true to oneself and ensuring that in love, life, or anywhere, you do not have to hide behind anything if you are confident enough in your own skin. Madan da also reveals his inspiration behind his hit tagline ‘Oh Lovely’ which is a super hit with his fans.

The multifaceted personality, also shared his personal take on ‘Love at First Sight’, how eating Salmon has increased his glamour, and who would play him in a biopic. Madan Mitra answers all the questions thrown at him by Nusrat in his unique as well as charming style. This much awaited episode also reveals how he has managed to connect with the youth on social media as well as a few tips for his young fan base to ensure that they always find the love of their lives.

Madan Mitra’s advice to the younger generation “if you realise the power of secret love, then even after 10 years, that person will return to you…because that person knows it well, that this secret love can only be provided by you.”

This bold and candid chat with Nusrat was truly ‘Oh lovely!’

Watch the full episode on Ishq FM’s YouTube channel by clicking on the link below. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHKuRjF-sTU

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