The Class of One organises UN Mock Drills, invites Chief Guest Colonel Prateek Mathur for its Republic Day function

The Class of One organises UN Mock Drills, invites Chief Guest Colonel Prateek Mathur for its Republic Day function
Bharat Startup Award winner The Class of One, India’s premier online school, recently invited Colonel Prateek Mathur, Commanding Officer, Indian Army, and Advocate Vishal Singh Rathore, Public Prosecutor, NCT of Delhi, as the Chief Guests of its Republic Day celebrations held on 26th January.
The Noida-based edtech firm, which has recently been conferred as the ‘Edtech Startup of the Year 2022-23 (North India) at Bharat Startup Awards 2023, organized Republic Day activities in a virtual mode to inspire students to engage in constructive activity to shape the future of the nation.
Chief Guests, Colonel Prateek Mathur and Advocate Vishal Singh Rathore passed on their learnings to mid-schoolers and talked about their struggles, how they overcame them, and the importance of values such as unity and integrity in the national progress. This was the culmination of the week-long activities organized for them. It included separate classes on understanding the concepts, laws, fundamental rights, and Directive Principles of State Policy outlined in the Indian Constitution.
The event took an emotionally charging turn when preschoolers in unison sang the country’s National Song ‘Vande Mataram’ and other patriotic songs, which was an awe-inspiring spectacle for everyone who was part of the activity. The children, in their impactful voices, also pledged to become responsible citizens of the country and take small steps to make India a global superpower.
The special highlight of the program was the organization of TCO1’s first edition of the Model United Nations Session. This was a mock diplomatic premise activity in which students represented themselves as a delegate of a country and voiced their opinions confidently.
Presided over by Moderator Mr. Devansh Gill, Deputy Moderator Ms. Rashi Chaddha, and The Scribe Mr. Shivendra Singh, a UN mock session was also held to hold a civilized, peaceful, and knowledgeable session on an international burning issue, Freedom of Speech and Expression’.
Lastly, the UK Curriculum students of TCO1 were made aware of the importance of Republic Day for India. A quiz contest took place, which had each of them performing beyond expectations.
Commenting on the Republic Day celebrations, Divya Jain, Founder, and Director, The Class of One, said, “We were pleased to see the love of students for India. They were eager to participate in the programs organised on the occasion of Republic Day and showed their enthusiasm. The knowledge sessions by Chief Guests and UN Mock Drill gave them a lesson in diplomatic tactfulness and tolerance to listen to others without intervention and derision.”

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