Rekha Kejriwal Academic Director of Academy of Fashion and Art (AFA)

Rekha Kejriwal

The Academic Director of Academy of Fashion and Art, Ms Rekha Kejriwal, has been using this weapon alone to enlighten the young and bright brains of India to go ahead and make the world a better place to live.

Ms Rekha Kejriwal, not just a mentor for aspiring youths interested in the art, architecture and design careers, but a stalwart. A confidante for the students for 16 years, has earned the respect, love, and faith of the students. A multi-faceted personality with accomplishments as a Student counselor and motivator, educational speaker, and a complete academic guide in the field of creative careers, has visited more than 200 schools in Delhi and NCR, benefitting the students with her academic interactions. Moreover, she has also been a regular invitee as a speaker on the Doordarshan National Television programs dedicated to design careers and design academics, offering her useful Tips and guidance for various Design Entrance Exams. She can also be seen on various other digital platforms where Art, Design and Architecture academics is the topic of discussion.

Through her outstanding and honest leadership at AFA, her excellence and expertise in the field of art and design allowed her to build a keen idea of the practicality of this particular field. She has been a reliable source of knowledge equipped with the sense of current trend forecasting with the help of one-on-one interaction with the students and thereby helping them to walk on the aisle of leadership.

Ms Rekha Kejriwal is quite popular among students for her familiarity with and understanding of design and architecture colleges. She also has pledged her complete commitment to her responsibilities and commitments towards the promising youth of the nation.

A maestro with her paintbrush and numerous colors in her palette has in her own way been filling career canvas for the students, and each student came out as a masterpiece!

Ms. Rekha Kejriwal’s association with The Academy of Fashion and Arts has taken it to new pinnacles every time. She has solid knowledge in the area of creative ability and a supportive outlook on AFA’s fundamental structure and goals. Her dedication towards AFA and its students is commendable, and with the added expertise in the field of Design Academics is a crowning achievement.

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