EuroSchool Joins Campaign to Raise Funds for Leprosy Treatment of Tribal Communities in Maharashtra

EuroSchool Joins Campaign to Raise Funds for Leprosy Treatment of Tribal Communities in Maharashtra

Mumbai, February 06, 2023: Over 500 students from Grades 6 to 9 of EuroSchool Thane joined hands for a noble cause dedicated to improving the health and social status of people affected by leprosy. The students raised Rs 5 lakh through a fundraiser program that will be shared with Alert India, an NGO recognized by the Government of Maharashtra, to generate awareness around leprosy among the tribal communities of Karjat and Khalapur in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

The fundraising initiative that lasted for five days from 16th January 2023 to 19th January 2023 was led by the principal of the school, Dr. Jyotsna Mayadas, who believes that ‘it is essential to reach out to the less fortunate people around us to build a better world’.

Commenting on the success of the fundraising initiative, EuroSchool Thane Principal Dr. Jyotsna Mayadas said, “I congratulate all the participating students; their efforts have been heart-warming. This initiative is a true reflection of the philosophy and ethos of EuroSchool in action. It is time we make our children aware of the world around them and enable them to relate to it with empathy. We have seen today, more than ever, that emotional intelligence is critical and goes a long way in shaping happy, confident adults. As a school, it is critical to mould young minds and ensure children grow up with a strong sense of social responsibility and high emotional intelligence that will help them become responsible future citizens.”

Ezekiel Tony, a Grade 9 student who singlehandedly collected Rs 35,000, shared, “I thank my school Principal and the teachers for providing me with such an opportunity through which I was able to give back to the society. This task has given me a great sense of satisfaction. I call this an act ‘Little Drops of Love’ because these are seemingly simple things one can do to help the less privileged and create a special effect in their hearts.”

“There are daily wage labourers, slum dwellers, people living in slums, and other distressed communities who need our help. The state government is taking commendable measures to reach out to vulnerable families. However, understanding that the need is immense, the students of EuroSchool Thane put in all the energy and efforts towards raising funds to help the impacted families and generate awareness around leprosy,” said Mrs. Veera M Rao, Director, Alert-India.

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