Artist Pratibha Singh announced National level Art Exhibition.

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Let the Colors speak for you!!!

An MBA turned into a medico, Renowned Artprenure Ms Pratibha Singh, is person who saw the positivity in the chaos, she is utilising Colors as a mode of communication for the people who seeks psychological counselling from her, this is Experiential Therapy. When the person is unable to put the feelings into words, she made them work on a blank canvas to unload the mess inside the mind and let them see what they are dealing with.

Pratibha Singh has announced the bigger art and painting exhibition in month of September 2022 to showcase her own artworks and a few success stories of recovered clients.

Her artwork is unique as she is a self taught artist and now she is advocating the use of starting any art form to keep the mind peaceful. No matter how busy shceldule one has, mental health should be the top priority as “Healthy body is within the healthy mind”.

Pratibha singh, Director Neo Change

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