Acharya Prashant Invited to IIM Nagpur

IIM Nagpur

November 24, 2022, Nagpur: The best-selling author and Vedanta exegete, Acharya Prashant, was invited to speak at IIM Nagpur on Monday, November 21, 2022. Dr. BhimarayaMetri welcomed and introduced the distinguished speaker.

Acharya-Ji who is also a social reformer, environmentalist, an alumnus of both IIT & IIM, and an ex Civil Servant interacted with students to discuss what holds us back from Fearless Living and living out our true potential in the face of daily obstacles. It was organized as a Samvaad for the students & faculty to understand Fearless Living through the perspective of Vedanta. Acharya Prashant’s responses got to the root of the issue, leaving the students with greater clarity and the courage to boldly pursue what is important enough to be accomplished.

Speaking about the event, Rohit Razdan, a member of the organizing committee said “It was a pleasure to be invited to IIM Nagpur. Acharya Prashant showed students how to live a life of courage and glory fighting for the right thing.”

Acharya Prashant is a regular speaker at various universities including IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS campuses. Students asked many questions about careers and relationships. There were also questions about the meaning and purpose of life and the secrets of a joyful and peaceful life.

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