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World Cup adds to the growing demand for sports turfs across India, 57% increase in consumer interest: Justdial report

Mumbai, 05th July 2024: Turf grounds, an artificial substitute for sports ground, are becoming increasingly popular across India, offering a versatile and convenient playing ground for a variety of sports. Justdial, India’s no.1 hyperlocal business search engine, reveals a significant increase in consumer interest for booking turf grounds for various sports activities. Compared to the same period in 2022–2023, searches for turf grounds jumped by an impressive 57% during May 2023–April 2024. This trend highlights a growing focus on developing sports infrastructure across the country.

The data dives deeper, showcasing a particularly strong demand in non-metro cities. Searches in these areas witnessed a remarkable 78% increase in searches, indicating a desire for improved sporting facilities beyond major urban centers. Whereas metro cities saw a rise of 49% in searches.

Amongst metros, Ahmedabad leads the pack with a staggering 440% increase in searches for turf grounds. Other major cities like Delhi (123%), Kolkata (106%), and Chennai (105%) also witnessed impressive growth, indicating a sustained interest in enhancing sports infrastructure within established urban areas. But the excitement lies in the non-metro surge. Locations like Aurangabad (1226%), Bhopal (923%), and Lucknow (385%) saw phenomenal increases. These high spikes are indicative of the fact that earlier these regions did not search heavily for turfs, but are now starting to see a steep trend.

While cricket turf remains the most searched category, with a 69% increase, the data reveals a growing interest in other sports as well. Hockey turf searches climbed by 40%, Kabaddi turf by 61%, and football turf by 26%, suggesting a wider range of sports gaining traction. This diversified demand reflects a more well-rounded sporting culture taking root in India.

A closer look at regional trends reveals specific sports gaining popularity in certain areas. For instance, cricket turf searches saw significant spikes in cities like Lucknow (573%), Ahmedabad (546%), Madurai (212%), and Delhi (200%), and . Football turf also showed localised growth in cities like Coimbatore (59%) and Delhi (48%).

With a surge in searches and a focus on accessibility, particularly in non-metro areas, the future of sports infrastructure in India looks bright. This trend presents exciting opportunities for all stakeholders involved in promoting healthy lifestyles and fostering a love for sports in every corner of the country.


§  National Search Surge: 57% year-over-year increase in searches for turf grounds across India

§  Metro vs. Non-Metro Growth: Non-metro cities witnessed a significant surge (78%) compared to a 49% rise in metro areas

Metro City Highlights:

–   Ahmedabad led the pack with a remarkable 440% increase.

–   Other notable metros include Delhi (123%), Kolkata (106%), Chennai (105%), Bangalore (78%), with Pune (47%), Hyderabad (46%) and Mumbai (27%) showing steady growth.

Non-Metro City Highlights:

–   Cities like Vadodara (1775%), Aurangabad (1226%), Rajkot (958%), Bhopal (923%), Chandigarh (741%), Gandhinagar (437%), Udaipur (405%), Lucknow (385%), and Goa (320%) displayed phenomenal growth.

–   Nagpur (176%), Mysore (153%), Madurai (175%), Indore (117%) and Jaipur (115%) also saw a strong demand for turf grounds.

 Category-wise Search Increases:

–  Cricket turf remained the most searched category with a 69% rise.

–   However, other sports are gaining traction are Football turf (26%), Hockey turf (40%), and Kabaddi turf (61%).

Cricket Turf Regional Spikes:

Cities like Ambala (1507%), Amritsar (973%), Agartala (166%), Alwar (573%), Bangalore (512%), Aurangabad (235%), Allahabad (212%), Ahmedabad (199%) and Ajmer (115%) witnessed significant surges.

Football Turf Regional Spikes:

–  Baramati (361%), Bhiwadi (188%), Ballia (179%), Bangalore (110%), Bahraich (113%), Bhubaneshwar (100%), Bahadurgarh-Haryana (85%) and Bagalkot (63%) displayed notable growth.

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