WorkIndia reports a 121.29 % increase in job opportunities for blue-collar job sector in 2022

India, 21 December 2022: WorkIndia, India’s largest blue-collar recruitment platform, recently published its data report comparing the past two years-2021 & 2022 and predicting the trends in the Indian blue-collar sector. The report reveals that the blue collared industry has evolved drastically in 2022 and job opportunities grew by 121.29% overall in India as compared to 2021; with growth visible in all top metropolitan cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. The report tells the major reasons to give the industry an impetus has been technological advancements are also occurring rapidly across the blue-collar value chain via digitalization and machine learning.

Demography-wise, metropolitan centers like Delhi and Mumbai topped and retained their position in both years for maximum number of job opportunities, followed by Bengaluru. Interestingly, Chennai witnessed an increase of 202.8% increase in job opportunities, followed by Hyderabad and Bengaluru at 162.7% and 153.3% respectively.

Industry-wise, back-office jobs led and retained their position in both years followed by field sales and delivery executives witnessing a whooping increase of 70.5%, 107.8 %, 121.6%, and 130.9% respectively in 2022. The category that showed a marked growth of 383.3 % and 211.9% was vehicle servicing and technicians.

The client-facing or front office jobs such as sales & marketing, beauticians, and receptionists showed growth post the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The data in the beautician industry suggested growth of 252.3% in 2022. The hotel management category also witnessed an increase of 297.7% in 2022.

Hiring of blue-collar workers is rising and organizations are ensuring a low rate of attrition and trying to transform the unorganized approach of the sector; which is due to lack of data and technology. Aiding to this transformation, is the positive shift in the Indian economy as compared to the rest of the world, there is substantial scope for growth in this sector.

The graph clearly shows that hiring trends in the blue-collar industry have been trending upward since then. However, supply chain disruptions will continue to affect blue-collar industries and demand employers’ attention.

Commenting on the statistics, Nilesh Dungarwal, Co-founder and COO, WorkIndia said, “At WorkIndia, it’s our purpose to provide meaningful livelihoods to the 258Mn blue collar of India and we are excited to see the drastically evolving hiring trend as compared to last year. The year 2023 promises a positive transformation for the sector. We at WorkIndia, will continue working relentlessly to help bridge the gap between job seekers and job providers with maximum transparency and smooth process.”

India has a large and vibrant young workforce that helps to build the country and blue-collar workers are in high demand as India strives to become a $5 trillion economy by 2025, and the blue-collar sector plays a pivotal role in building the same.

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