Welldercare announces its unique ‘Best Years Program’, a retreat model for the 60+

Mr. Kanishka Acharya - Founder Welldercare

Welldercare, India’s first Lifestyle As A Service (LAAS) model for later life living that recently announced its entry in the Indian markets with its long-term retirement resorts, now announces its Best Years Program, the flagship program focused on rediscovering the joy of Living for the 60 plus. The four-week program is based on deep behavioral psychology& ancient Indian learnings to identify what participants are seeking in their lives and empower them to achieve it. With engaging social programs, and activities, the program aims to set the path to active ageing by building and leveraging the power of communities.

The four-week program combines expressive art therapy, mindfulness, Hatha yoga, and community-based support systems to improve motivation, enhance skills, and energize members by re-introducing zeal in Life. The program comes with a guarantee to find newfound empowerment among seniors, confidence, a defined focus, and drive towards a more fulfilling life. This Life-changing program is guaranteed to help one discover their ‘Ikigai.’

The Welldercare Best Years program is spread over four weeks at a destination location – Fort Chanwa, 45 minutes from Jodhpur, known for its traditional Rajasthani personalized hospitality. The entire palace is blocked out for outsiders and is exclusively for the BYP participants only. The batch size is restricted to 30 participants. The enrolments for the first batch are underway and fast filling.

Speaking on the launch of the program, Mr. Kanishka Acharya –Founder & CEO, Welldercare said, “After the announcement of our Welldercare retirement resorts, The Best Years Program in a retreat model is the first step to set goals for later life living. We have spent many years researching and designing a well-structured program that is action-oriented and, most importantly, fun. The framework is designed with measurable outcomes and leverages deep learning drawn from ancient Indian culture & new age thinking to help people live a healthy & happy life and age with grace & purpose. The entire program is one powerful journey and an experiential testimony of what we are capable of doing in terms of ensuring an empowered lifestyle”.

“I call this program the best gift to oneself or a parent to ensure a happy & healthy future. It combines a perfect holiday at a destination that has seen the likes of Madonna, Paul Mc Cartney, Guy Ritchie, and a host of international celebrities who have spent weeks away from the noisy world to recalibrate and rejuvenate their lives. with a great experience to discover the ikigai in your Life. That is what every son or daughter will desire for their parents,” he further adds.

With the four-week BYP Program, Welldercare establishes its credentials as a higher thinking healthcare company against India’s many senior living models.

Welldercare recently announced its plans for a pan India network of retirement resorts starting with locations in Goa, Manali, Kumarakom. The company plans to scale its network of LAAS retirement resorts to 20 locations in the next 24 months.

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