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Walplast Launches New Campaign for Retail Brand HomeSure, Elevating Trust Proposition in Building Materials Portfolio

Walplast Launches New Campaign for Retail Brand HomeSure, Elevating Trust Proposition in Building Materials PortfolioNavi Mumbai, 9th July, 2024: Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd, a distinguished leader in building materials production and the third-largest manufacturer of Wall Putty in India, proudly announces the launch of its new campaign for the retail brand HomeSure. The campaign amplifies robust growth within the HomeSure portfolio, which encompasses a comprehensive range of construction materials and solutions including HomeSure Wall Putty, HomeSure TileEx (Tile Adhesives), HomeSure GypEx (Gypsum-based products), HomeSure wShield (Construction Chemicals, Admixtures), HomeSure WallEx (AAC blocks, Spray Plaster, Block Jointing Mortar), HomeSure MasterTouch (Emulsions, Distempers, Primers) and more.

The campaign aims to establish the diverse HomeSure product portfolio as differentiated, technologically superior, sustainable, and quality-driven. Through meticulous research and development, the HomeSure team of experts has crafted products that embody the essence of trust and reliability, catering to the discerning needs of architects, builders, contractors, engineers, masons, painters, and homeowners alike.

The campaign highlights the anxiety levels and confusion that individual home builders encounter while choosing various construction materials and the trust deficit with the applicator/ contractor workforce. The consistent quality and technologically superior HomeSure range of products deliver the perfect peace of mind as expressed in the brand proposition ‘Ghar Banaye Khas, Dilaye Vishwas’, resonating with the brand ethos of trust and reliability. These taglines capture the essence of HomeSure, promising consumers unmatched trust in every product. This film vividly captures a family’s journey as they navigate the chaotic, carnival-like situation in an under-construction house. Confusion and concerns gives way to relief when the Homesure experts arrive, offering trustworthy solutions that promise superior quality, technological advancements, and sustainability.

“Innovation is key to our success. Witnessing HomeSure’s remarkable growth year on year, with its wide range of quality products, reiterates our commitment to meeting the construction industry’s changing needs. Our new brand campaign reflects our values of trust and growing popularity as a market leader,” remarked Aniruddha Sinha, Senior Vice President of Marketing, CSR and Business Head of P2P division, Walplast.

“In an industry previously plagued by a lack of trust, HomeSure has risen as a symbol of reliability. With our campaign’s focus on trust, innovation, and quality, we aim to assure our customers that HomeSure is more than just a brand; it’s a commitment to excellence. Our customers, architects, builders, contractors, engineers, masons, painters, or even homeowners can now be rest assured, knowing that HomeSure has their needs covered,” added Kaushal Mehta, Managing Director of Walplast, emphasizing the core message of our campaign.

The HomeSure products are designed with distinct advantages. Whether it is the 3S Advantage of Wall Putty – offering Shine, Smoothness, and Safety, or the Power of 4 Aces in Tile Adhesives – ensuring strong Adhesion, Aqua resistance, Accessibility, and Application ease, each product is engineered to excel. The use of Advanced C3R Formula in construction chemicals guarantees Crack Resistance, Corrosion-Resistant, and Concrete Repair, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Underpinning the HomeSure campaign is a strong commitment to sustainability and quality. From self-curing plaster to waterproof putty, Walplast’s HomeSure range prioritizes environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. The Mastertouch Paints, curated to enhance walls are low VOC, and GypEx, comprising natural gypsum-based products, exemplify the brand’s dedication to delivering premium quality solutions.

With a robust network of over 800 active distributors, 6000 dealers and more than 65,000 influencers, Walplast’s HomeSure division continues to be the preferred choice in the construction ecosystem. The brand’s commitment to superlative customer experiences, encompassing product performance, solutions, and services, reinforces its position as an industry leader.

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