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Walplast Launches HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Emulsions

Walplast Launches HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium EmulsionsNavi Mumbai, 05th, July 2024: Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., a distinguished leader in building materials production and the third-largest manufacturer of Wall Putty in India, proudly announces the launch of its Premium Emulsions under the HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom range. These new offerings provide top-tier solutions for both exterior and interior applications with a focus on sustainability and performance.

The HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom lineup comprises two exceptional products, HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Exterior Emulsion and HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Interior Emulsion. With the tagline “Shades that define you,” these emulsions are designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of living spaces while offering unparalleled performance.

HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Exterior Emulsion boasts a 5-year System Warranty and incorporates Stay Clean Technology (SCT) for long-lasting weather resistance. Its excellent coverage opacity, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties ensure a durable and visually stunning finish on exterior surfaces.

Complementing the exterior emulsion is the HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Interior Emulsion, which comes with a 3-year System Warranty and features Stay Guard Technology (SGT). This water-based emulsion offers exceptional washability, scrub resistance, and a smooth mid-sheen finish, making it an ideal choice for interior walls and surfaces.

With a focus on sustainability, Low VOC, MasterTouch Bloom Premium Emulsions are water-based, minimizing environmental impact compared to traditional solvent-based coatings. The emulsions come as a single white base that can be tinted to your desired colors, allowing for personalized shade selections. Available in packs of 1L, 4L, 10L, and 20L, these products cater to various project requirements.

“At Walplast, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and high-performance solutions that elevate the construction experience,” said Kaushal Mehta, Managing Director of Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd. “The HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Emulsions exemplify our pursuit of excellence, combining superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal to create shades that truly define your space.”

“The introduction of the HomeSure MasterTouch Bloom Premium Emulsions comes at a time when the demand for high-quality, sustainable paint solutions is on the rise. Our tagline, ‘Shades that define you,’ reflects our commitment to providing products that not only enhance the beauty of living spaces but also meet the growing expectations for innovation and environmental responsibility,” said Aniruddha Sinha, senior vice president of marketing, CSR and business head of P2P division, Walplast.

Walplast’s HomeSure portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of construction solutions, including Wall Putty, Tile Adhesives, Gypsum-based products, Construction Chemicals, Admixtures, AAC blocks, and more. With a robust network of over 800 active distributors, 6000 dealers, and more than 65,000 influencers, the HomeSure division continues to be the preferred choice in the construction ecosystem, reinforcing Walplast’s position as an industry leader.

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