Ravindra Katti, Founder, and Director of Techpartner Alliance shares his reaction – Union Budget 2023

Ravindra Katti, Founder and Director of Techpartner Alliance

Industry players in the new-age tech start-up ecosystem are looking forward to additional funding for growth and a tax breather from the government for the coming year. If more funds and credit facilities are provided for technology adoption, IT and Cloud infrastructures, and upgradation, this will go a long way for home-grown startups.

More focus should be on facilitating data center setups that are more environment-friendly and require well-defined infrastructure in terms of accessibility like roads, power, and other aspects. Any factor that can impede this space needs to be addressed, like some archaic and unrelated laws.

More start-up-friendly policies and tax breaks in GST and TDS are required and welcome too, especially with economists warning of the imminent recession.

Government should also focus on and support skill development to further increase employability. As we know this industry brings in huge capital and we with our talent pool can do wonders here. Ravindra Katti, Founder and Director of Techpartner Alliance

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