The Study L’école Internationale by Dr. K.M. Cherian Educational Society receives THE EDUCATION ICON OF THE YEAR 2021 AWARD


Chennai, March 2022: The Study L’école Internationale is a CBSE Affiliated School in Puducherry, started by Dr. K.M. Cherian Educational Society in the year 2003, has been awarded THE EDUCATION ICON OF THE YEAR 2021 AWARD by Education Today All India.

In line with the vision to impart education to children from different strata of the society, The Study has set exemplary standards on the quality of education given in the nurturing stages of children. Since the year of inception, the school has achieved many awards and accolades.

Recently on 11th March 2022, Education Today All India conferred the status of best school to THE STUDY. The Study came into being with the sole purpose of imparting right and relevant education to children irrespective of caste, colour, creed or religion. The emphasis is on absolute discipline among the children with humanitarianism to go parallel with emerging modern technology and society.

Apart from the routine courses available in usual schools, such as music, dancing, etc., the Study also gives focuses on topics of scientific progress such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Drone, Space Technology, etc. The Study stands its ground firmly to not only give theoretical knowledge but make them ready for real life challenges. It educates them with practical training in basic life sciences such as Basic Life Support, ALS, Tissue Engineering, Nano Technology, Re-generation etc., including labs which can even grow organs.

The Study is one of the schools recognized for Atal Tinkering lab by Government of India. Hands on training in the field of GMP, Stem cells are also provided for students who are interested in medicine, basic research and other fields. To give importance for our environment and prevention of global warming, Study has the credit of starting the first Miyawaki forest in South India.

The Study strives to excel by providing holistic education in a conducive environment. The practices ignite a passion for creativity, ethical behavior and social responsibility, thus leading to lifelong learners and future leaders with a global outlook ready to face the challenges of the future.

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