TAFE – Tribute message to Industrialist Mr. Karumuttu T. Kannan

TAFE - Tribute

TAFE - Tribute

May 24, 2023, | CHENNAI: A visionary leader, esteemed industrialist, philanthropist, and Thakkar of MeenakshiSundareswarar Temple, Madurai-Mr. Karumuttu T. Kannan leaves behind a legacy of excellence.

As an eminent industrialist in the textile sector, Mr. T. Kannan was celebrated for his vast knowledge and wise leadership, his insightful perspectives, and his visionary approach which significantly shaped the direction of the South Indian textile industry.

An outstanding philanthropist, Mr. Kannan’s exemplary contribution to the field of education is a testament to his steadfast belief that education fosters development. Over the last four decades, he cultivated a group of institutions that are today internationally acclaimed.

Mr.Kannan’s family is a proud flag bearer of Tamil values and culture. His majestic stature and pragmatic ideas were valued deeply by industry peers, policymakers, and society which held him in high regard.

As a connoisseur of Tamil literature and a doyen of Tamil society, his efforts in upholding Tamil culture have left an indelible mark on society.

Deeply devoted to his family and friends, his presence will be missed by all while his wise and
practical counsel will be cherished forever.

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