Roadcast partners with Turban Mobility as their Technology Partner



25th April 2023, New Delhi: Roadcast, India’s leading telematics and delivery automation SaaS platform ties up with Turban Mobility, a company pioneering in public share bikes, charging station networks, Last Mile Delivery Systems,s and Battery Swapping Systems in India.

Coming on board as their technology partner, Roadcast will provide Turban Mobility with the locks and App to deploy 620 new electric bikes.

This partnership comes in the wake of Turban Mobility’s project in collaboration with Noida Authorities to deploy 620 electric bicycles in Noida with docking stations provided by Noida Authorities. Of these, 310 electric bicycles were deployed on the 17th of April, 2023. Roadcast will be aiding Turban Mobility with tech-based tools and the App for electric bicycles.

The partnership was initiated to provide last-mile connectivity to the people of Noida. The project aims at implementing greener and sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint. The bicycles can be used manually with pedals for fitness or in electric mode for convenience. Turban Mobility has invested INR 20 Crores in the project.

To help Turban Mobility optimize deployment for increased transparency and ease of access for their customers, Roadcast has deployed its proprietary tech for the project. Their App will ensure safe usage of the cycles including easy unlocking with the App, GPS tracking, etc optimizing operations for Turban Mobility. This will ensure that the customers too have an excellent and hassle-free experience.

Anuraj Srivastava, CEO of Turban Mobility shared, “We are glad to partner with Roadcast as this will ensure seamless interaction with our customers. Their tech-based approach will help us scale up this project and make Noida greener. Revolutionizing smart cities with smart cycles is the only way forward for greener solutions and we are glad that Roadcast has come on board to help us with this initiative. We’d also like to thank Ms. Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Authorities for aiding us in the implementation of this project.”

“Sustainability has been at the forefront of what we do. Electric bicycles will provide Noida with green transportation solutions. It will be beneficial for Turban Mobility as well, as our tech will help them accumulate relevant data and connectivity about the vehicles. The locks will ensure GPS tracking to prevent any pilferage. We are delighted to be Turban Mobility’s technology partner and aid their initiative with Noida Authorities”, shared Rahul Mehra, Co-Founder, of Roadcast.

The project was inaugurated on the 17th of April, 2023, and is garnering a positive response.

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