Reaching new heights: Bombay’s iconic hotspot sets new standards with its unique social media campaign

Silly, a two-year-old establishment from Bombay, has launched its first digital campaign, which went viral and garnered 1.2M impressions in just 60 days.
Mumbai, June 21st – A popular neighborhood restaurant in Mumbai, Silly, which is owned by K7Group Hospitality Pvt Ltd, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest social media campaign. This captivating campaign has generated buzz and excitement for the opening of a new venture in Delhi.

Over the last 60 Days, the social media account has reached 833 followers and garnered 1.2M impressions. The mysterious nature of this Instagram page is designed to pique the interest of food enthusiasts and engage them by offering a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming concept of the restaurant. The aim is to build anticipation and fuel excitement surrounding the grand opening through intriguing hints and visually stunning images.

The key element of the campaign was to create curiosity around the name of the upcoming restaurant. Each image shared on their page provides a subtle hint about Silly’s past, inviting followers to participate in a guessing game and unravel the mystery behind the new establishment.

This viral campaign is a stepping stone in making an innovation for setting a mark in the hospitality industry, as it showcases an integrated approach to marketing and communication with a commitment to create a great brand recall value.

“As a restaurateur, my pursuit has been to create extraordinary experiences that transcend the ordinary. It all began with a whimsical idea with Silly Mumbai, where I seamlessly blended culinary innovation with a vibrant ambiance. Now, as Silly Mumbai celebrates its successful two-year journey, I am thrilled to embark on an exhilarating new venture—the grand opening of Silly Delhi. Behind the veil of mystery of the name and intrigue, the social media campaign was designed to spark curiosity and invite guests on a tantalizing journey of taste and discovery. We firmly believe in the power of anticipation and imagination, and through this captivating experience, we aspire to redefine the very essence of hospitality in Delhi.” shared 23-year-old Karan Nohria, Founder of K7Group Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

“By strategically leveraging the power of social media, we have successfully built anticipation and engagement around the digital campaign. By keeping the brand’s identity hidden, we have created a sense of mystery and curiosity among the audience. This can lead to increased engagement as people try to uncover the hidden message or purpose behind the campaign.

The element of surprise and discovery has left a lasting impression, making the campaign stand out from traditional marketing approaches,” shares Vijeta Singh, Founder of G.O.A.T Ideas.

“At the heart of successful PR lies the art of intrigue and anticipation. With the ongoing campaign, we have masterfully crafted a sense of curiosity, captivating our audience and igniting their imagination. By harnessing the power of social media and the allure of mystery, we have set the stage for an unforgettable brand experience. This innovative approach exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating lasting impressions in the dynamic world of hospitality.” explains Neha Khilnani, Founder of Connekting Dots PR & Brand Communication.

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