Radio City tantalizes the taste buds of audience with its food-focused IP The Taste Series


India, April 22, 2022: Radio City, India’s leading radio network brings its audiences a unique and innovative food based digital and programming IP ‘The Taste Series’ to showcase the best of dishes, restaurants, and cuisines available across Bengaluru, Kovai, and Madurai. Resonating the ‘walk the food talk’ theme, The Taste Series reviews delicious and popular dishes by Radio City’s very own RJs.

Radio City is well-known for its rich and creative content-driven offerings and has been leveraging social media to share the most savoring dishes across popular food destinations with audience. Popular radio jockeys of Radio City, RJ Rajas and RJ Maria curate and feature the best dishes in the form of videos from restaurants, food joints, cafes, etc. in Bengaluru, Kovai, and Madurai regions. The RJs have also been collaborating with renowned food influencers to reveal some of the best places to enjoy popular delicacies in these cities.

Commenting on the food based series, Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, “Food is at the heart of our diversity and unites our preferences in a rich melting pot of creative and flavorsome dishes. Radio City has designed this digital IP The Taste series to intrigue curiosity and pique taste buds of the audience and provide genuine reviews through videos on the most popular food joints in the city. For a newcomer or a localite, this informative series packs the perfect way of savoring what’s offered on the platter. It also makes for classy social media posts on some of the wackiest millennial foods trends.

Through The Taste Series, RJ Rajas and RJ Maria go out on a food experimenting journey trying out different cuisines across trending destinations, famous food joints, checking out millennial trends as well as the wacky food trends. The RJs also interview top food influencers to unravel their secret recipes and understand their food palate. In one of the segments, both RJs will be seen swapping each other’s daily food habits and even answer some of the most googled questions on foods joints in the cities. The series also has top food influencers sharing their secret recipes and will continue to feature favorite restaurants, cafes, and snacking hubs of South Indian star celebrities. For Taste of Kovai, Radio City has collaborated with food influencers – Irfan & Manoj and Vlogger – Southu Mottai. For Taste of Chennai, food influencers DAN JR, Bakoda Boys associated with Radio City. Similarly, for Taste of Bangalore, Radio City collaborated with Unbox Karnataka and Chilly studio. Also, our food influencer was a guest in the most popular Cookery Show ‘ Bombaat Bhojana’ hosted by Sihi Kahi Chandru on Star Suvarna. The Taste series is being amplified digitally through static posts, reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook stories, YouTube videos and carousel posts.

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