Radio City launches ‘Business Titans’ to recognize Indian entrepreneurs for their business excellence

India, 23rd August 2022: Radio City, India’s biggest radio network, unveils a ground-breaking property ‘Radio City Business Titans’, an international event to recognize Indian business leaders who have strived and thrived to attain success through resilience and consistent innovation. Radio City is known for recognizing Indian entrepreneurs for their perseverance and business acumen through Radio City Business Icon awards. Taking a step further, the core objective of Radio City Business Titans is to provide Indian enterprises with a recognized platform to augment their business excellence.

Over the past two decades, Radio City has been a beacon of hope for countless businesses across the country, serving as a voice of encouragement by honouring them through various initiatives. Radio City Business Titans is a gradual way forward for the radio platform, where the company is enthusiastic about celebrating the glory of successful Indian businesses at an international destination. The first edition of Business Titans will be hosted from 26th to 28th August 2022 at the world’s most spectacular international destination, Dubai.

Commenting on the launch of Business Titans, Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City said, “Radio City has always been at the vanguard of designing marquee properties to create a remarkable impact by delving into wide-reaching initiatives. Indian entrepreneurs are rapidly moving in the direction of growth by integrating innovation and technology in their core business functioning. It is remarkable to witness businesses that have strived hard to attain success in their sector by being resilient and we strongly believe that such businesses deserve a stellar platform to celebrate their triumphs.

Through Radio City Business Titans, we aim to strengthen the entrepreneurial domain by encouraging business leaders to continue thriving in their respective fields and positively contribute to the economy. As we mark the first edition of Radio City Business Titans, it is going to be an absolute delight to honour and felicitate revolutionary Indian entrepreneurs at the most extravagant destination ‘Dubai’.”

Radio City has always believed in acknowledging the growth of various sectors and the contributions of individuals as well as businesses across a wide range of fields. Radio City Business Titans has over 20 business categories across multiple industries including consumer goods, education, pharma and healthcare, finance, electronics and electrical appliances, jeweller, dotcom, clothing/apparel, basic industries, IT, services, food, restaurants, travel, health and fitness, auto, home services, real estate, media and entertainment, and start-ups. The first edition of Radio City Business Titans – Chapter Dubai will see Indian business moguls, Bollywood stars, and social media influencers join and experience an extravaganza evening.

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