QualiZeal marks International Women’s Day with iconic women leaders

Hyderabad, March 07, 2023: US based, QualiZeal, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the world’s fastest-growing independent digital quality engineering services companies. Their software testing platform discovers, manages, and services quality engineering for digital solutions.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day and to acknowledge the contribution of women and promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in QualiZeal, the organization arranged talks by iconic women from diverse professions. As part of an ongoing celebration, they planned multiple activities focusing on education, self-defence, and empowerment through individual development programs. They have created a sports corner for indoor games such as carrom, chess, indoor golf, and libraries with recreational books.

QualiZeal, Inc
Madhu Murthy Ronanki (extreme left), Advisor & Lead (Head of Operations), QualiZeal; speaking at the International Women’s Day program hosted by QUALIZEAL, at The Westin Hotel, today; as (L-R) Sushma Mudigonda, Head of Process at QualiZeal; Chief Guest Smt. Manisha Saboo, Delivery Head – Infosys, President – HYSEA, Governing Board Member, BBCIT; Dr. Shabnam Bakshi, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician & Smt. Padmini Rajan, Director, Cloud Services in Opentext; look on.

Iconic women professionals who addressed 80+ lady employees were chief guest Smt. Manisha Saboo (Delivery Head – Infosys, President – HYSEA, Governing Board Member, BBCIT); Smt. Dr. Shabnam Bakshi (Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) and Smt. Padmini Rajan, Director – Cloud Services at OpenText. Madhu Murthy Ronanki, Advisor & Lead (Head of Operations) at QualiZeal, Pradeep Govindasamy, CEO-QualiZeal, and Sushma Mudigonda, Head of Process at QualiZeal also addressed their team.

Speaking about International Women’s Day, Sushma Mudigonda, Head of Process at QualiZeal, said, “We provide a supportive environment and offer a happy place to work and facilitate career growth. A growing number of new emerging jobs are being created due to advances in technology, from artificial intelligence to collaborative intelligence, and we want that women should be part of this journey. We believe in encouraging girls and women to opt for careers that require knowledge of STEM so that they can occupy the corner office, are part of boardroom discussions, and become significant contributors to a nation’s economy.”

Speaking to the media, Madhu Murthy Ronanki, Advisor & Lead (Head of Operations) at QualiZeal, said, “We know that women engineers come from different backgrounds. We must acknowledge this in our hiring strategy. Our organization shares a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity. QualiZeal aims to make business and society more inclusive and impact-oriented. A few activities we have initiated at QualiZeal is Individual Development Plan (IDP), which helps employees upskill their technology advancements to keep pace with the dynamic business environment. We also focus on soft skill training for the overall growth of a professional and enhancing productivity.”

Smt. Manisha Saboo said, we girls present here are extremely privileged, we are privileged to be born, as 3323 girls in India are murdered before they are born every day, somebody in our family took the decision to welcome us, only 30% of women in India have the privilege to have the education we have, someone spent money to educate on whatever we aspired for.

Smt. Padmini Rajan, Director, Cloud Services in Opentext; said, What’s stopping us from being our best, there is nothing in the world which can limit us from what we want to achieve, it’s our self-limiting beliefs ingrained with stereotypes and societal conditions which prevent us from doing the best. Nothing is impossible, they can be overcome with patience, practice and confidence. Let this be your day one. We came this far on our merit and just need a mind shift change. You need to be your own advocate and teacher to take your mission ahead. After you achieve something, pull along the other women too. We are breaking the glass ceiling, if someone can do it, we can do too. If not you who else can do it and if not now when? we need to pose to ourselves. We need to continue working very hard, our previous generation women opened the doors for us to get into workforce in large numbers, our generation is showing that we can work at top levels and expect the current and future generation to be in large numbers at the top, so that we don’t need that women tag of women leaders, women CEOs, women achievers etc. It should be gender neutral, women should be known for their competence, grace, knowledge, leadership skills. We shouldn’t be competing with men but complementing each other.

For all the QualiZeal women, a self-defence academy Krav Maga Academy trains them for their safety. The balancing beam of all diverse teams is women, so we are actively hiring women at all levels – from leadership roles to graduate trainee roles, encouraging more women to gain access to careers in tech.

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