Pre-Budget quote – Mother’s Recipe

Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe on the upcoming budget announcement.

Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe

“We anticipate many populist changes in the upcoming budget keeping in mind the Indian consumer and their expectations. The government has always been supporting rural growth in the past and we expect this to be enhanced further this year along. We are optimistic and hope for the rural market to bounce back in 2023. Last year many emerging channels like modern trade and e-commerce were seen driving urban demand, and this led to the rise in premium discretionary categories. The FMCG industry witnessed a seismic shift in omnichannel growth with sales significantly outpacing in-store growth across metro cities, we expect the trend to continue. This year the strategy will be to focus on new products and consumer experience innovation.”

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