Post Budget Quote by Mr Vikrant K. Aggarwal, Co-Founder of EVI Technologies

India needs to ramp up battery cell manufacturing to meet EV goals!!

According to Mr Vikrant K. Aggarwal, Co-Founder of EVI Technologies, India is setting its tracks to build an eco-friendly and sustainable environment, whereas the electronic industry is slowly setting its benchmark to give this effort a great boom. E-vehicles are now getting their fame and providing a sense of trust among people. As per the budget for 2023-24, it is confirmed that the E-Vehicle industry will be the future of India, as there is a huge demand for electric vehicles. Budget 2023-24, gives wings to the EV industry as it promotes sustainable development and green growth in the country.

The government also extended the FAME subsidy for 1 year, which in result the cheaper rate of electric vehicles, which is affordable for the people. The budget also focuses on the sustainable resources to be retained to save natural resources, where the customs duty on lithium cells is also reduced. The policy to replace the old polluting vehicles with electric vehicles provides an eco-conscious lifestyle to the people and helps to maintain the greenery in the environment.

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