Personalized gifting in trend – Opt for these 4 trendy personalized gifts for your loved ones

valentine's day gift

One of the easiest ways to take your gift from good to great is to add an element of customization. Gifting has helped define relationships and strengthen bonds between family and friends. Buying personalized gifts for those in your inner circle especially something that appears to be made just for them, will show that you put a lot of thought and care into finding the perfect present. Plus, your loved ones are bound to deem you the best gift-giver, simply on the premise of knowing them so well. The interest in personalized gifts has grown at such a pace unlocking a recognized new industry called the online gifting industry.

There are plenty of chic personalized gift items in the market for your perusal that will meet your requirements. Be it a personalized book or a customized oil painting make the day for your family and friends with these options listed below.

The Music Band from Merlinwand

The Music Band from Merlinwand- Merlinwand is an online publishing platform offering personalized books for kids turning them into their own hero. The brand strives to inculcate imagination, creativity, education, and self-esteem among kids through the right blend of personalized storytelling, art, and technology. It allows kids to personalize the name of the main character, gender, avatar, and storyline to help them put on their creative hats. This unique brand definitely deserves attention to surprise and pamper your children with a personalized story book while educating them on the same hand. The Music Band by the brand is a story of three friends who journey together and overcome small hurdles to form a music band with help from an unexpected family member.

Ferns and petals

Personalized cushions by Ferns n Petals- Personalized cushions make such a unique gifting option as they always make a person smile. Fern n petals does great quality cushions that can be customized with an image of your loved one and can be made in different colour/ sizes etc.

Such a gift can be a useful item too if you are wishing to surprise your family or friends.

 Engrave In

Engrave In- When Engrave was making its foray in the Indian market, they had come out with a unique and personalised concept of engraving a photo of customer’s choosing on a wooden plaque.

If you are looking for furniture, art, craft or home decor created by artisans from across India that is unique then Engrave is your destination. Not only are they a collector’s dream, but also a makers’ hub.

The products aren’t mass-produced. They have individuality and character that cater to connoisseurs of the same.


Geekmonkey- A custom 3D bobblehead! I find bobbling dolls quirky. Imagine your brother shaking their head in unison to whatever you say. Inner peace!

I had come across this concept while I was looking for an engagement gift for my brother and it was an instant hit. All you need to do so upload the photo that you want to personalize and geekmonkey does the rest for you.

Personalized gifts narrate the strong bond between two individuals – be it siblings, couples, friends, or with children. Bid adieu to boring gifts for personalized gifts are here to stay.

This festive season shop from the comfort of your home with just a click of a button.
What are you waiting for? Create an occasion now to gift these wonderful concepts to your loved ones today!

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