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Nikon India

New Delhi, 12th May ’2023 – Nikon India Private Ltd. introduces the Z 8, an agile mirrorless camera made for creative-filled narratives in videos and stills. Condensing the advanced performance of the flagship Nikon Z 9 into a compact and portable body, whilst also maintaining reliability and uncompromised functionality.

“The Z 8 is a hybrid camera offering the best of both worlds for Photographers as well as Videographers. Powerful yet compact, Z 8 is a complete package that offers features like in-camera 8K video with 12bit N log, High-performance Auto Focus with special AI incorporated algorithm, 24bit Pro audio quality and newly introduced features like HLG(HEIF) format for 10bit still images, Pre-capture release mode making it easy for photographers to capture those decisive moments ” said Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director of Nikon India Pvt. Ltd.

Agility that astounds
Weighing at approximately 910g, the new Z 8 allows for agile shooting for an extended period of time, even for a one-person operation with its compact and lightweight video recording system. The camera’s compatibility with an array of videography accessories, including the MC-N10 Remote Grip and wireless video transmitters, and v-mount batteries, significantly reduces the amount of equipment needed during shoots and the set-up time.

Stay versatile when packing equipment as the High-Res Zoom allows one to zoom up to the angle of view equivalent to 2x of the focal length, even with a prime lens attached, during 4K UHD (30p/25p/24p) and Full HD video recording in full-frame.

Engineered with videographers in mind, the Z 8 can record up to approx. 125 min. in 4K UHD/60p2 and up to approx. 90 min. in 8K UHD/30p3.

Enjoy nimble and comfortable shooting angles with smooth and flexible operation, thanks to the camera’s 4-axis vertical/horizontal tilting monitor that also includes vertical display orientation. Display of the menu is also shown in the respective orientation when tilting the monitor vertically or horizontally during shooting mode.

The pro’s video choice
Choose from a wide variety of video formats as the extension of your narratives. From 12-bit N-RAW and ProRes RAW,to 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ and 8 bit-H265 SDR in-camera recording, the versatility is endless whether for a creator just starting out or for a full-fledged professional. Create videos in high-definition 4K UHD/60p , 50p2, and 30p oversampled from 8K, providing the opportunity to shoot in high-definition video that can be enjoyed on a large screen. For those requiring higher frame rates, the 4K 120p is also available for greater filmmaking flexibility. Alternatively, amp it up with 8.3K/60P (in N-RAW only) or 8K UHD/30P. Accompanied by N-Log for colour grading, users can tell impressive stories in motion.

Capture busy city scenes or epic movements of wildlife with time-lapse videos in 8K HDR in-camera that are also compatible for viewing on Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)-compatible 8K monitors via a HDMI 2.1 connection.

Seeing is capturing

With the Z 8, decisive moments are easily caught on camera with the Pre-Release Capture function. When using High-Speed Frame Capture+, users can record up to 1 second before the shutter button is fully pressed, or up to 4 seconds after the button is fully pressed.

Focusing before capturing a crowd of faces can be a challenge, especially when the bride and groom are among the group, or while tracking the couple amongst the well-wishers of family and friends. The camera’s autofocusing automatically detects approximately 3% of the human face size in the frame.

Subject detection also works in 3D-tracking, auto-area autofocus (AF), or 20 types of custom wide-area AF (12 types in video). Capture night scenes with clarity with the excellent AF detection range down to -7 EV (-9 to 19 EV in starlight view mode) – allowing enhanced detection of subjects under darker conditions.

Lock focus quickly and reliably as the AF identifies and tracks up to nine different kinds of subjects. Users who love capturing aviation photography will appreciate the addition of the new Airplane mode to the AF subject detection menu. Focus easily on the intended aircraft regardless of the magnification (size) as this mode provides a more stable detection, including in low-light situations or with a cluttered background.

The new support for HLG (HEIF)6 format also provides an option for 10-bit still images with richer tonal gradation.

Post-editing made simple

Take your portraitures to another level with the skin softening feature, which auto-detects human faces and softens the skin, while keeping eyes and hair sharp. Users can apply the effect for videos, live streaming, and stills.

Minimise editing time with the portrait impression balance effect, which enhances portraits in-camera by adjusting the hue and brightness. The adjustment is also available via direct settings and the menu while confirming the subject through live view image, in addition to via the photo or video shooting menu.

Achieve more beautiful depictions with an intuitive user interface in adjusting colour temperatures, and an enhanced auto white balance (AWB) performance that helps to reduce colour cast.

Capture with confidence

Adding on to the robustness of this camera is the Sereebo P series, a new environmental-friendly material used on the main body components, which can endure knocks and withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the dust-and-drip resistant design helps to prevent dust and liquid from entering the camera.

Carry the Z 8 with confidence as it features a VR lock to prevent accidental damage to the image sensor when the power is turned off. Minimise the risk of dust adhering to the image sensor with a dual coating used for the optical filter and image sensor, as well as a sensor shield that comes in handy when one is attaching and detaching the lens.

Never miss out on another decisive moment with the Real-Live Viewfinder that displays subject motion in real time with no blackout . When capturing shots of golf swings and tennis serves, enjoy capturing a vast number of shots without worrying about shutter wear and rolling shutter distortion, thanks to the absence of a mechanical shutter.

Obtain stable shots with a powerful Vibration Reduction (VR) that achieves an effect equivalent to a shutter speed of 6.0 stops with the in-camera VR and Synchro VR. Electronic VR is also available in video recording.

Revel in your creativity without worrying about running out of power as the MB-N12 Power Battery Pack adds approximately 1.8x more shots and recording time, while providing the same dust-and drip-resistant performance as the Z 8. Sold separately, it is equipped for cold weather operations, even at -10 degrees Celsius and allows for USB charging and power delivery.

Rounding up the features, the camera is also the first Z series model to provide two USB terminals – onefor power charging/delivery and the other for data communication – enabling power delivery during communication without experiencing sudden disconnections and hence a more reliable connection on both ends.

The Z 8; ready for action and a catalyst for creators and professionals in their pursuit of creative expressions.

The Product would be available by End May’23 and at INR 3,43,995.00
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