Mobex brings in the craziest sale in India

An electronics enthusiast’s life is characterized by a bittersweet feeling. The newest devices arrive on the market amid a lot of anticipation, and for a little period, they imply the amazing, thrilling pinnacle of technology that marketing promises. Everything in life is amazing for a while, but the high is short-lived since sooner or later, newer, better versions are always released. Refurbished devices are a solution to this problem because it’s difficult to keep up with the latest trends without becoming aggravated. Refurbished electronics are a means for everyone to stay up to date with the latest products without going over budget because they offer the latest tech at considerable discounts compared to the price of new. India’s largest hybrid platform for refurbished electronics, Mobex, is a D2C brand of Qarmatek which is co-founded by Krunal Shah in one of the fastest-growing cities of India, Ahmedabad, living by the simple concept of “Choose nature before new.”


Honoring this year’s Republic Day, Mobex has come up with an exciting offer of selling 26 iPhone 12’s on the 26th of January for a mere Rs. 26,000! It is going to be the craziest sale in India on refurbished iPhone 12’s and will work on a first come first serve basis; people will need to visit Mobex’s website frequently to check when during those 26 hours of offer the price of the iPhone plummets and then the ones to order and pay for it the quickest, will get it.

The Co-founder, Mr. Krunal quotes, “The organization has an edge in its more than a decade of unwavering experience in repairing and refurbishing. The product range offers anywhere from smart watches to laptops, audio products, and smartphones. We also provide all kinds of electronic repair services. Being in the business for so long has bolstered us in developing expertise and reaching our peak in terms of quality and customer service. In the forthcoming years, I aim to tap the USD 10 Billion Used Electronics Market, with an ever-expanding potential, while making Mobex the largest hybrid marketplace for refurbished electronics.”

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