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Maatea Brings Warmth and Compassion to Elderly Homes with Its ‘Ek Aasra’ Initiative

Maatea Brings Warmth and Compassion to Elderly Homes with Its 'Ek Aasra' InitiativeNew Delhi, July 04th, 2024:  In a heartfelt initiative to bridge the gap between generations and bring joy to the elderly, Maatea’s team recently visited an old age home, where they spent a memorable day sharing stories and sipping tea with the residents. This visit is part of Maatea’s ongoing ‘Ek Aasra’ initiative, aimed at creating a sense of belonging and warmth among the elderly.

Modern lifestyles often lead to physical and emotional distances between children and their parents. Understanding this, Maatea, the tea brand from the creators of Chai Sutta Bar, launched ‘Ek Aasra,’ inviting people to spend quality time with elderly residents of old age homes. This initiative is not just about enjoying a cup of tea, but also about sharing love, compassion, and stories. Maatea’s initiative highlights the importance of gratitude and respect for the elderly in our society.

“Our ‘Ek Aasra’ Initiative is an effort to build new relationships with the elderly in our society, we are committed to supporting social service initiatives that bring light into the lives of the elderly. Our goal is to ensure that the Maatea ‘Ek Aasra’ initiative not only brightens the lives of the elderly but also reminds young people of the invaluable role parents play in our lives,” said Anand Nayak, Co-Founder, Maatea.

” During the visit, Maatea’s team shared not only tea but also the resident’s joys and challenges. If you miss your parents and can’t be with them, spend time with the elderly at an old age home. It’s a rewarding experience that brings satisfaction and positivity into your life.” said, Anubhav Dubey, Co-Founder, Maatea.

Rahul Patidar, Co-Founder, Maatea added, “We aim to involve students staying in hostels in this initiative. When they miss their parents, they can visit these homes, share a cup of Maatea, and listen to the stories of the elderly, creating a nurturing environment for all.”

Maatea invites everyone to join this movement and make the world a better place for the elderly. Spend time with them, respect them, share a cup of Maatea, and fill their lives with happiness. Together, let’s create a society where our elders feel cherished and loved.

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