Luxury fan brand Fanzart launches India’s largest fan display showroom in Bengaluru

Luxury fan brand Fanzart launches India’s largest fan display showroom in Bengaluru

Fanzart, pioneers of luxury designer fans in India, has opened its 104th showroom in the country. The showroom is located on Bellary Road in the posh Sadashivnagar locality of Bengaluru.

Fanzart, that started operations in 2012 has completed 10 years of operation and already has one company-owned showroom and two franchised outlets in Bengaluru. This new showroom will be the flagship showroom of the company with the largest display of luxury designer fans in the country.

Speaking on the launch of the flagship showroom, Mr. Anil Lala, Founder and Managing Director, Fanzart said “It brings me immense pleasure to be able to scale to such heights and have a widespread display of the most outstanding quality of luxury fans under one roof. We have a great team who work hard towards bringing innovation and defining state-of-the-art technology in designer fans.”

The outstanding range of more than 100 luxury designer fans on display in the showroom with perfect detailing and the right amount of spacing with interiors makes the showroom stand out and promises to be a fan connoisseur’s delight.

6 New Fan Models
The company has also unveiled 6 new fan models- HALO, ORBIT, JAZZ, MAPLE Sunset, CHERRY Plum, and CHERRY Night.

“We are very excited about our new flagship as well as the 6 new models we are launching. The first 3 are brand new designs – the HALO, the ORBIT and the JAZZ, based on design trends and modern minimalism. They are powered by power-saving BLDC motors, and offer Fanzart’s Summer-Winter feature – allowing the fan to rotate anti clockwise for a cool breeze and clockwise for a cozy warm air effect – all with the convenience of a remote control.

The other 3 are variants of our existing designs which introduce a new dimension, they tell a story between the sequences of colors and because they are conceptualized and customized, this particular collection is only limited by your imagination. There could be infinite models, and a customer can customize it themselves.” explained Mr. Tarun Lala, Co-Founder & Director, Fanzart.

HALO: A contemporary fandelier, it presents a breathtaking design with multi color LED lighting that illuminates your space while rendering an elegant and luxurious look. Powered by a brushless DC motor, this sustainable fandelier is a modern minimalist addition to Fanzart’s decorative fandelier collection.

ORBIT: Orbit fandelier is a piece of art on your ceiling. With multi-color LED options transforming your interiors at the touch of a button, the inconspicuous fan blades spin only when you need.

JAZZ: A contemporary fan design made with handcrafted wooden blades, that resembles a wavy triangular note, to add a touch of jazz .The blades are light beech color that could be customized into 3600 shades or wooden finish with a metallic centre making the fan look sturdy.  Powered by a brushless DC motor that absorbs 70% lesser power

MAPLE Sunset: A customized version of the original Maple, it draws an inspiration from the spectrum of the sunset, covering 6 unique colors of the sunset as though bringing sunset into the room. Powered by a DC motor, this fan is breezy & whisper quiet.

CHERRY Plum: True to the name, this fan looks like Cherry dipped into fine wine to create a lovely gradient of rose. The wine colors are a refined version of the popular Cherry fan. The colors may hide the wooden finish, but the characteristics of the specially handcrafted wood still prevail.

CHERRY Night: The original Mini Cherry has been customized to create the various soothing colors of the night sky that make the fan a great addition to contemporary interiors.

Fanzart is also known for its unique fans that include fans with classic look, interesting fans for kids’ rooms, elegant and stylish- fandeliers, humanoids, mini fans, fans with blue tooth and fans with customizable blades.

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