Karigari Honours the Karigars by Felicitating and Uplifting Them

Karigari event Image with karigars

On one hand, there are those who lead extravagant lives. Along with having what they need, they also have what they want and desire, leading luxurious lives that give them additional comfort. Others, though, find it difficult to even pay for the necessities of life. They lack a place to call home, food to eat, and clothing to wear. They are battling for their lives every day with bare minimum vitals. While it is impossible to make such people affluent, one can at least assist them in obtaining the necessities of life and leading prosperous lives. Taking care of and assisting the underprivileged and destitute is a commendable task.

Doing their part in society is, Karigari, a restaurant by the renowned Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi. The team came up with an initiative to celebrate our Karigars and shower them with the respect that they deserve. The event took place on the 12th of February 2023 at Karigari’s restaurant in Noida. There, they not only felicitated the hardworking Karigars but also gave them the upliftment they so often lack in their day-to-day lives. The Director of Karigar, Yogesh Sharma said, “Giving the poor and needy a hand-up rather than a handout is one of the simplest methods to assist them. They feel that someone truly cares about them and is working to improve their situation when someone offers them moral support and exhibits genuine humility and respect. Giving them the ability to take charge of their lives would boost their self-esteem and encourage them in conquering obstacles they encounter every day.”

The Director of Karigari, Manish Sharma said, “We recently hosted about 40-50 karigars at our restaurant. It was delightful for me to meet the underprivileged as I gained knowledge of the specifics of what takes place in their lives. The word Karigari when translated means workmanship or artistry which is an ode to all the karigars. It was a wonderful experience overall as I realised that most of us frequently complain about the little things in life, but we should take a lesson from them on how, despite having numerous weaknesses, we still know how to make the most of life.”

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