ITC Vivel introduces new line of soaps

Beauty rituals change every half-decade. The trends are hard to keep up with. But ever-so-often, one stops to consider what our predecessors did. In our quest to seek natural, authentic beauty ingredients, we often overlook the rich beauty traditions of India. And even if we chance upon them, the ingredients or products modeled on these traditions remain inaccessible. Vivel, the leading soap and body wash brand from ITC, launches a new line of soaps, curated entirely on the principles and ingredients extolled in Ayurveda. A combination of aestheticism with sensory, these soaps bring back the beauty secrets of queens and princesses of ancient India to the modern woman.

Ved Vidya High Res

The Vivel VedVidya comprises of ingredients like Chandan, Bahumanjari, Kumkumadi, and Nargis all of which enrich the skin while leaving behind a long-lasting fragrance. Crafted with carefully chosen ancient ingredients like Nargis, Nagarmotha, and Chandan, these soaps help you rediscover the feeling of soft, even-toned, healthy-looking, radiant, glowing skin.


The new Vivel VedVidya soaps are effective through all seasons so that you don’t have to change up your bathing ritual. The packaging is recyclable, and the ingredients used are authentic and safe for all skin types.

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