Introducing Janhvi Kapoor as the face of Nykaa Naturals

Nykaa Naturals

May, 2023:Bringing forth a power-packed blend of traditionally effective ingredients to tackle Indian hair concerns, Nykaa Naturals Hair launches a new campaign with Janhvi Kapoor as the face. Born and rooted in Indian rituals of haircare, Nykaa Naturals seamlessly understands Indian hair types and common concerns due to variable Indian environmental conditions like hard water, pollution, humidity, UV damage, dust, and dirt. Recognizing that Indian hair needs special care, Nykaa Naturals combats these environmental stressors through six power-packed formulations that marry traditional hair care remedies with research.

No stranger to the Nykaa family, Janhvi Kapoor is the perfect fit for the brand, known for her stunning mane and affinity for homegrown ingredients. The Nykaa Naturals Hair Care range is infused with traditional hair-loving ingredients like – Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Fenugreek, Onion, Amla, Curry leaves, Fermented Rice Water, Charcoal, and Shikakai, etc. all of which are complete superfoods for hair. A customized solution backed by experts, the Nykaa Naturals Hair Range has been developed after analyzing Indian weather, water, lifestyle, and diverse hair types to create a potent infusion of effective ingredients for beautifully healthy hair. The campaign will see Janhvi’s association being brought to life via onsite, digital and social media campaigns via a brand film that focuses on the core messaging Indian Hair Care = Nykaa Naturals Hair Care.

Vishal Gupta, Executive Vice President, Nykaa’s Consumer Beauty brands says, “Indian hair is very different owing to extreme geographical weather conditions. One product can’t fit all. With Nykaa Naturals, our team has developed products that blend centuries-old hair care rituals with modern science. Janhvi Kapoor was our first pick since she perfectly fits the persona of the brand. Her gorgeous hair and her connection with her roots towards the use of natural ingredients and believing in them is the core reason why we wanted her to represent the brand.”

Janhvi Kapoor says, “I have been a firm believer in the benefits of using natural ingredients on the body, be it the face or hair because I have seen it practiced at home since childhood. When I have time, I still take care of my hair by applying apple cider vinegar or onion. When I got the opportunity to represent something that I believe in, I was completely convinced. Nykaa Naturals Hair Range is something that resonates with the idea of replicating the use of natural ingredients in a more advanced form and being able to provide hair with the nourishment it needs to be healthy.”

Nykaa Naturals Hair variants include-

Nykaa Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger Anti-Dandruff range – Experience up to 50%* reduction in dandruff! Nykaa’s Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger range balances the pH of hair to lock in natural oils and smoothen the mane. It combats dandruff, and removes sweat and buildup, to leave your hair feeling soft and manageable like never before! It helps with hair damage due to dry scalp, especially in North Indian regions.

Nykaa Naturals Onion & Fenugreek Hair Growth range – With promising advanced hair growth in just 30 days, this power-packed range promotes healthy growth and strengthens follicles, while moisturizing your hair from root to tip. It provides an instant boost of nourishment, so get ready to flaunt longer and stronger hair! This range has been formulated to reverse hair damage (dryness, dullness, tangling, discoloration, hair fall, etc.) caused by harsh minerals, metals, and chlorine (sulfates, bicarbonates, calcium, and magnesium, etc.) present in the hard water supply.
Nykaa Naturals Amla & Curry Leaves Anti-Hairfall range – Nykaa’sAmla& Curry Leaves range is a nutrient-rich formula that will bring an end to all your hair fall woes. It deeply moisturizes your mane to smoothen and strengthen, while also preventing hair fall stemming from scalp infections or hair thinning. Now you can enjoy hair that feels fuller, glossier, and well-nourished. This range is suitable for humid environments that aggravate hair fall especially in the Southern or tropical regions.

Nykaa Naturals Reetha & Shikakai range for Dull & Brittle Hair – Nykaa’s Reetha & Shikakai range has a nourishing and deep cleansing formulation that revives dull hair and prevents brittleness. Packed with essential nutrients, it keeps your hair strong and healthy. This range is suitable to be used in regions with extreme pollution and dirt.

Nykaa Naturals Fermented Rice Water & Bamboo range for Frizzy Hair – Nykaa’s Fermented Rice Water & Bamboo range repairs dry and damaged hair. Its power-packed ingredients protect the hair from the effects of chemicals and provide intense hydration to restore overall hair health. This range is for hair affected by pollution and humidity and is proven to help reduce frizz by up to 60%.

Nykaa Naturals Charcoal & Bamboo Deep Detox & Cleanse range – Nykaa’s Charcoal & Bamboo range deeply cleanses your hair with its rich detoxifying properties. It exfoliates away toxins and environmental pollutants, while also preventing acne and itchiness to enhance the overall health of your hair. This range helps cleanse a dirty scalp caused by pollution or humid conditions.
Nykaa Naturals Hair Products are 100% Cruelty-Free, SLS/SLES free, and Paraben-Free.

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