International Yoga Festival 2023′ becomes a central attraction at Bharat Parv

International Yoga Festival 2023

New Delhi: The International Yoga Festival (IYF) 2023 to be held in the coming March is the major center of attraction at the stalls of the Uttarakhand Tourism department at Bharat Parv. Bharat Parv is a six-day cultural festival and a government of India initiative being organized at the Red Fort in the national capital. Bharat Parv is also showcasing the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand. A large number of people coming to the festival are showing interest in it.

The Bharat Parv was officially inaugurated on Republic Day, 26 January 2023, and has been open to the general public since Friday, 27 January. The Tourism Department of Uttarakhand is attracting people with the Uttarakhand theme pavilion & food & handicraft stalls at the Bharat Parv. To promote the International Yoga Festival (IYF) 2023 to be organized in Rishikesh, exhibitions on it have been also included at this event. A selfie point has been made on this theme. There is also a free registration facility for those who would like to participate in the International Yoga Festival.

Between March 1 and 7, 2023, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department will host the International Yoga Festival (IYF) 2023 at the country’s yoga and spiritual capital Rishikesh. The International Yoga Festival will feature a variety of yoga sessions led by Yogacharyas from renowned yoga schools all over the nation, including the Isha Foundation, Kaivalyadhama, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Art of Living, etc. There will be free medical sessions and pulse tests by Ayurvedacharyas at the Yoga Festival with consultation sessions by experts for the participants of Yoga Mahotsav. Additionally, the Yoga Mahotsav will feature cultural performances including evening aarti, classical bhajan sandhya, folk music, folk dance, etc. To ensure the arrival of the maximum number of foreign tourists in the Yoga Festival, the tourism department has announced the incentive program for tour operators, under which each tour operator will receive an incentive amount of 10,000 and a maximum of 5 lacks for booking each foreign tourist.

The Uttarakhand Tourism Department conducted a cultural evening today at Bharat Parv, where attendees were delighted by folk dances and music and given an introduction to the Devbhoomi cultural legacy. Additionally, local cuisines can also be enjoyed at the stalls of Uttarakhand. The majority of these delicacies, such as Jhangore Ki Kheer, Mandwe Ki Roti, Gahat Ke Paratha, Kumaoni Raita, Til Ke Laddoos, Roasted Buttermilk, Baal Mithai, Bhang and Mango Chutneys, Urad Dal Pakodas, Gahat pulses (kulich), etc., are centered on the International Millet Year 2023..

At the handicraft kiosks, the state’s handmade art products are also on show and for sale. These handicrafts include ceramics, aipan art, souvenirs of Badrinath and Kedarnath, blankets, mats, ropes, and garments made from the fibres of local plants and trees.

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