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Here’s How This Recession Born Speech Recognition Based Solutions Company Heading to Become a 100cr Company

Ubona is a 2008 recession-born startup that spurred the speech recognition automation revolution in India back in the time when India never had a homegrown speech recognition automation startup. Ubona Technologies, India’s first speech recognition solutions provider, is a cloud-based customer communication solution provider based out of Bengaluru.

Ubona was founded with the aim to enable consumer-facing enterprises across various sectors to seamlessly manage customer communication. Started as a value-added service provider for leading telecom companies including Airtel, Vodafone, and many more, Ubona Technologies eventually became a customer communication solutions company offering customer communication on the cloud for enterprises as it scaled up.

Having worked in the industry for a long time, Jyotirmoy Chakravorty met the two other co-founders, Umesh Singhal and Vishal Lal, while working at Wipro in 1999. Having gained a deep understanding of several trends and the evolution of mobile devices while working together at July systems, Jyotirmoy Chakravorty along with Umesh Singhal and Vishal Lal founded Ubona Technologies in the year 2008. Of the three founders, while Jyotirmoy Chakravorty is a graduate from ASSAM University, Umesh Singhal and Vishal Lal are IIT graduates.

At the start, the idea was to create a technology that enables people to discover and interact with the world of services around them, even using a simple phone. In other words, Ubona aimed at creating state-of-the-art technology that enables people to avail services through applications upon simple vocal instructions over a phone.

Although a few foreign companies offer similar solutions, customization involved a high cost. Ubona entered the market offering customized automated customer interaction solutions not only at lower costs but also at a quicker turnaround time.

Funded by Capital 18 during the founding stage, it didn’t take long for Ubona to scale up its revenues and become a profitable company. The company is currently at 50 crore revenue and is expecting to join the 100 crore club soon. Not only that, the company is also aiming to enter the global market expanding its presence in key markets such as the Middle East, USA and Eastern countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

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