Grew Energy has bid for Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme

Grew Energy Pvt Ltd was successful in its bid under the second tranche of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for solar modules. Only 11 out of thousands of companies in India submitted bids for Tranche-II of the PLI scheme. This will help create a healthy ecosystem for sourcing essential materials for the solar industry that are also Made-in-India.

Mr. Vinay ThadaniMr. Vinay Thadani, Director of Grew Energy Pvt Ltd, said, “The PLI program under the ‘National Program on High-Efficiency Solar Modules’ will give a tremendous boost to Indian manufacturers to make high-efficiency solar modules. This also comes at a time when India has set ambitious net-zero targets and has witnessed a steep rise in energy demand. Achieving a gigawatt-scale manufacturing capacity for high-efficiency solar modules will subsequently reduce dependency on imports and boost the Indian economy.”

Grew Energy is tapping into this incredible opportunity and has ventured into manufacturing for the solar sector in addition to offering EPC solutions. Over the next four years, their manufacturing facility will reach a capacity of producing 4 GW of PV modules, 3 GW of PV cells, 2GW of Ingot & Wafers and 300 tonnes/day of tempered glass. Initially, their manufacturing will start with a 2-GW fully automated unit in Rajasthan, while more facilities will be established across India in a phased manner.

Grew intends to work persistently towards gradually making India a leader in exports of PV Modules and other components, moving away from dependency on imports.

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