Galgotias : 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Business Practices organized by Department of Management Studies


A two-day International Conference on Sustainable Business Practices was recently organized by the Department of Management Studies at the Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, attracting approximately a hundred Faculties, Research Scholars, and notable presenters. The conference highlighted cutting-edge research and fostered vigorous debates on global sustainability concerns and potential solutions.

Dr. N Lakshmi, Head of the Department welcomed all the dignitaries and participants. Dr Mohd. Asim Quadri, Director shared his valuable words and motivated all the participants.

The conference was presided over by Mr. Anurag Bansal, Managing Director of 13D Research & Strategy, who is known for his expertise in combining exponential technologies to establish new enterprises and address pressing global concerns such as climate change. Mr. Anurag offered an interesting perspective on how new tactics might secure a prosperous future for everybody.

Throughout the conference, participants presented their research findings and had the chance to connect with Bansal, who provided critical criticism on how to improve their work. In addition to engaging in interactive sessions, Mr. Bansal evaluated the research papers and finally selected the top proposals.

The Galgotias Institute’s 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Business Practices proved to be a fruitful forum for attendees to exchange ideas, learn from specialists, and contribute to the global debate on sustainability. The institution plans to hold more events like this in the future to stimulate creativity and collaboration in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges

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