From Delhi’s Streets to Soon Be in Chandigarh’s Heart: The Enduring Allure of Khan Chacha’s Timeless Flavors

Khan Chacha Chicken Biryani

Khan Chacha Chicken Biryani

New Delhi, 27th July 2023: Khan Chacha, a cult favourite brand in the capital, has become a household name when it comes to delicious, flavourful and hygienic food. The brand is led by Managing Director and CEO – Sidhant Kalra’s desire to deliver a holistic brand where quality and consistency are standard and trusted. Khan Chacha derives its name from the iconic Khan Market in the heart of New Delhi where they started as a humble kebab stall. Overtime, they grew from a small outlet to a QSR Chain with 20 outlets across the capital. Khan Chacha holds a significant place in New Delhi’s cultural landscape and is a cherished destination for those seeking perfect kebabs and rolls.

Khan Chacha’s food menu is thoughtfully curated with the vision of creating a positive impression for the brand and upholding its renowned legacy. The brand takes great pride in using top-notch ingredients to ensure the highest standards of quality. Hygiene is at the core of the brand’s values and thorough quality checks are taken into account before preparing any dish. The brand also takes care to source fresh organic and premium quality vegetables and meat ingredients for its menu.

Khan Chacha’s authentic culinary delicacies offer a harmonious blend of spices and flavours. The succulent Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tikka Roll remain the best-selling items at Khan Chacha, holding a prominent place on the menu. Other customer favourites in the non-vegetarian category include Malai Tikka, Mutton Kakori, and Mutton Seekh. Among the vegetarian options, the Paneer Tikka Roll, Veg Hariyali Roll, Soya Tikka Roll, and starters like Paneer Tikka, Veg Hariyali Kebab, and Soya Tikka are highly popular. Apart from rolls, the Khan Chacha menu boasts a variety of other delectable items, including biryanis and curries, all prepared with the same dedication and attention to detail.

Sidhant Kalra is a member of the family behind the celebrated brands of Khan Chacha, Dayal Opticals, and Town Hall. During the pandemic, he returned to Delhi to help steer the family’s legacy and vision forward. With a Bachelor’s Degree in MA Business Management from the prestigious University of St. Andrews. Sidhant has played a pivotal role in driving Khan Chacha towards e-commerce to expand their reach and boost sales. Beyond his business acumen, Sidhant is committed to curating a value-based brand in India and positioning his family’s venture as industry leaders. In order to maintain a high level of quality and consistency, Khan Chacha outlets are exclusively operated by the company itself. Sidhant firmly believes that pursuing hyperexpansion through a franchising model might compromise the brand’s integrity and result in a decline in customer satisfaction. He envisions propelling Khan Chacha to new heights while preserving its core values. His goal is to expand the brand in a sustainable and wholesome manner by assembling the right team, fostering innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and streamlining processes.

Khan Chacha has set its sights on expanding its reach beyond its Delhi roots and establishing a presence across North India initially, and subsequently expanding to various cities across the country, thus evolving into a pan-India brand. Khan Chacha is expanding to Chandigarh because of the enormous love and support received from the customers in Punjab. The customers have shown overwhelming interest in opening Khan Chacha outlets in their areas, and this has motivated the brand to establish a presence in Chandigarh. The brand is excited to set their foot in India’s “City Beautiful” and have the locals experience the delicious food and warm hospitality. This success story can be credited to Khan Chacha’s unwavering commitment to delivering premium quality, consistency, and hygiene in their food offerings, which has made them a household name and a cultural icon in India.

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