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Get Creative by Upcycling Kiehl’s Empties on Earth Day

Kiehl's Earth Day even

April 2023: Kiehl’s India hosted a special DIY event to celebrate Earth Day and encourage customers to embrace sustainability. The event, which took place at Kiehl’s India Khan Market store, invited guests to join them in their commitment to sustainability by participating in an enjoyable activity of repurposing empty Kiehl’s containers with Green Warrior Kopal Nanda and socialite Nehaa Singh.

Speaking about the event, Priyanka Sachdeva, Head of Marketing at Kiehl’s India said, “We were thrilled to see the incredible response to our DIY event and the enthusiasm of the customers for participating in the upcycling initiative. We’re constantly promoting our ongoing program ‘Future Made Better’ to reduce the environmental impact, and it’s great to see so many people joining us in this effort. We hope that this event inspires more people to explore eco-friendly solutions and make a positive impact on the planet.”

At the DIY event, Kiehl’s Skin Pros highlighted the powerful skincare ingredients drawn from nature and science to curate unique formulas. The experts elaborated on the benefits of various ingredients which are used in the products, including avocado, coconut oil, honey, and more. Summing up the event, the guests got their skin analysis done with the help of HSA tool and the skin pros recommended specific products based on individual skin concerns. All the invitees took home the Kiehl’s empties that they DIY-ed as a way to remember the eventful day.

The brand’s “Recycle and Be Rewarded” program motivates customers to bring in their empty Kiehl’s product containers and receive reward points in return to inspire more people to embrace a greener lifestyle. “Kiehl’s Future Made Better,” is a journey towards reducing the environmental impact and improving the communities we serve.

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