five 925 silver jewellery brands, You Must Check Out

five 925 Silver Jewellery Brands, You Must Check OutA few years ago, silver jewellery in India was largely produced in the unorganised sector and was only thought to be anklets and toe rings. Now there is a perceptible shift in the usage of jewellery as Indian women now prefer to choose wearable pieces over heavy designs. Unlike gold and platinum, silver plays a significant role in fine and fashion jewellery segments because of its affordability. Urban India is witnessing a steep surge in silver jewellery pieces where adornment and purity at 925 are considered key drivers which are often sold in chain stores. The market unleashes a huge growth opportunity as it presently has a demand of $3.5 Bn for silver jewellery in India in 2022 which is further projected to reach $6 Bn by 2025. Below are the top five 925 silver jewellery brands that you must check out.


Zavya, a sterling 925 silver jewellery brand was founded in 2021 by Ms Poem Kabra to address the daily wear jewellery market segment as it strives to become India’s largest and most loved silver jewellery brand. With lightweight designs and affordable prices, it meets the demands of Indian women who want high-quality designs that are lightweight and affordable. Women are attracted to the brand because it meets almost every purchase criteria, including affordability, durability, skin friendliness, a premium approach, quality, and other factors that influence their purchase decisions.


Bangalore-based GIVA Jewellery is online luxury goods and jewellery platform for affordable silver jewellery and accessories. Started in 2019, the platfrom aims to provide customer satisfaction and hopes to become one of India’s leading silver jewellery brands. GIVA jewellery also provides pieces accompanied by an authenticity certificate that validates the purity of precious jewels. The enterprise provides doorstep delivery, secure checkout, 30-day returns, different payment methods along with free and insured delivery. They intend to bring the users something personal to express themselves best.

Shaya By Caratlane

Shaya has been launched in the market with three key collections: Wild Flower, Shining Armour, and Rani Udaymati. The collections will offer earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. It has been priced from Rs 600 to Rs 11,000. Titan’s brand Tanishq holds a dominant share in the gold and silver jewellery market in India. With Shaya, the company is looking to make inroads into the lucrative silver market.

Silver Streak

Silver Streak was born by two aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to bring silver jewellery to the mainline. With stores in the by-lanes of Mumbai, your one-stop for all things silver is now online. All items are made from 925 sterling silver bases, which means it’ll last you a long time. Silver Streak personifies the individualistic approach to style. Their range is casual and comfortable and, at the same time, elegant and timeless. Take your pick from tastefully crafted ‘antique finish’ earrings studded with pearls, topaz & emeralds or enigmatic pendants with outstanding motifs inspired by flora and fauna.


Started by a mother-daughter duo in 2016, Quirksmith originated to cater to a community of silver jewellery-loving folks. They work with artisans pan-India to bring a change in silver jewellery. They now have 8 silver jewellery collections from brooches, bookmarks, belly rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces and more. All their designs are minimal and contemporary yet with a touch of traditional while all their products are made of 925 silver and are affordable starting at INR 850 (approx.)

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