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ESDS Announces Unique Wellness Leaves Organization-wide

01 February 2023, Nashik, India: ESDS Software Solutions ltd is all set to implement the 11-day paid leave policy for Vipassana meditation to promote better mental and physical health across the organization. This unique policy will be available for ESDSians from Jan 2023 onwards, making ESDS one of the first organizations to introduce this distinctive practice.

Piyush Somani, the Managing Director, and Chairman of ESDS is a true believer and follower of a healthy lifestyle along with good mental health, and he has been practicing Vipassana for many years now. The idea behind introducing this new policy was to encourage the team members to take time off to focus on their overall well-being.

As Vipassana is a form of meditation that has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall well-being. The addition of this exclusive leave policy allows ESDS members to take advantage of this powerful practice and to return to work refreshed and rejuvenated and leading a healthier lifestyle.

This upgrade to their leave policy is one of many ways that ESDS is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive work environment. “We believe that the well-being of our people is a critical aspect of our success and growth. Investing in the health and happiness of our team members will lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. I am a firm believer of Happiness in the Workplace and with better mental health along with a good physical health our ESDSians will truly be able to achieve Happiness both at Home and Workplace. Vipassana meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation that aims to promote mental well-being through Spiritual Happiness. The moment when our soul and our life feels in sync. It involves focusing on the present moment and observing one’s thoughts and emotions without judgment. By regularly practicing Vipassana meditation, an individual can experience reduced stress and anxiety, improved emotional regulation, increased self-awareness, decreased negative thought and improved sleep quality all these benefits can contribute to overall improved mental health and well-being.” said Komal Somani, Whole Time Director and CHRO of ESDS Software Solution Ltd. Komal has been the official Happiness Officer at ESDS with planning and implementing initiatives to keep the Happiness quotient up and running.

The Managing Director and Chairman of ESDS Software Solutions Ltd. Piyush Somani expressed, “We are excited to offer this new benefit to our ESDSians and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our organization. I feel in this hectic life we don’t take our health that seriously until we are forced to. Why wait for your body to force you to take a break when you can start taking control today? I am sure that this practice will motivate our ESDSians to take charge of their life and focus on living better and spreading this habit within their families as well.”

ESDS Software Solutions Ltd. a Nashik-based company is amongst India’s leading managed cloud service and end-to-end multi-cloud requirements providers (Source: Ken Research Report).

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