Enviro and Greenpeace India Join Forces to Celebrate ‘Plastic Free July’ at Vatika Properties

Gurugram – Enviro, a leading sustainability organization, has announced a strategic collaboration with Greenpeace India to commemorate ‘Plastic Free July’ at various Vatika Properties. This partnership aims to engage employees in activities that raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic usage while promoting the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives.

Plastic pollution has emerged as a significant global concern, adversely impacting the environment and human health. With the objective of fostering a sustainable future, Enviro and Greenpeace India will conduct a series of engagement activities during the month of July. These initiatives will educate employees about the harmful consequences of plastic usage and empower them to embrace alternative, eco-friendly solutions.

The collaboration will commence with a comprehensive program at different Vatika Properties in Gurugram. Employees will have the opportunity to participate in informative sessions that shed light on the importance of waste segregation and recycling practices. Clear guidelines will be provided, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about what materials can be recycled and how they can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

The schedule for the ‘Plastic Free July’ activities at Vatika Properties is as follows:

4th July: Vatika INXT City Centre

5th July: Vatika Towers, Golf Course Road

6th July: Vatika Professional Point, Golf Course Road

7th July: Vatika Mindspace, Mathura Road

13th July – Vatika Business Park

These sessions will be facilitated by experts from Enviro and Greenpeace India, who will share their knowledge and expertise on sustainable practices. Participants will gain valuable insights into the adverse effects of plastic on ecosystems and learn about practical alternatives that can be adopted in their daily lives.

The ‘Plastic Free July’ initiative aligns with Vatika Properties’ commitment to environmental stewardship.By collaborating with Enviro and Greenpeace India, Vatika aims to create a lasting impact by educating and motivating employees to make conscious choices that reduce their plastic footprint and contribute to a greener future.

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